CaV Record

CaV Record

I have a lot of planned CaVs and most of them never go through, so I decided to organize all of my CaVs in one spot so they'd be easily accessible for various purposes. This list will be updated regularly when new ones are added and will contain both finished and ongoing matches

CaV: Juubi Madara (God_Vulcan) vs 3 Admirals (shirso)Victoy through voting
CaV: Saitama (Sayo786) vs Naruto (God_Vulcan)Victory through voting
CaV: Might Guy (Cosmic_Lantern) vs Saitama (God_Vulcan)Victory through voting
CaV: Hit (Deathhero61) vs Asura (God_Vulcan)Victory through voting
CaV: All Might (God_Vulcan) vs Meruem (streak619)Victory through voting
CaV: Belcross (Gearsecond659) vs Asura (HigherPower)Victory through voting
CaV: Enel (Gearsecond659) vs Krishna (HigherPower)Victory through voting
CaV: Afro Samurai (God_Vulcan) vs Brock Samson (Elijah_C_Washington)Victory through concession
CaV: Jin Mo-Ri (God_Vulcan) vs EOS Toriko (shirso)Victory through concession
CaV: The Seven Deadly Sins (HitTheAssassin) vs Devilman (HigherPower)Victory through concession
CaV: Dark Schneider (God_Vulcan) vs Composite Goku (HitTheAssassin)Victory through concession
CaV: Eight Kings (vsw) vs Neron (HigherPower)Victory through concession
CaV: Rob Lucci (Defiant Will) vs Gang Ryong (HigherPower)Victory through concession
All-Star CaV: Thedailybagel (Hulk) vs HigherPower (Asura)Victory through voting
CaV: Zealot (HigherPower) vs Black Panther (Darthjhawk)Ongoing
2v2 HoF CaV: Modru/Larfleeze vs Darkseid/KronaOngoing
CaV: Omega Red (Veshark) vs X-O Manowar (HigherPower)Ongoing
CaV: Jin Mori and 666 Satan vs Larfleeze and Genis VellOngoing
CaV: Lord Mephisto & Lady Flonne vs Lady Death & Dark SchneiderOngoing
CaV: Alita 2.0 (Mr_Ingenuity) vs Garou (HigherPower)Loss through concession
CaV: Madara Uchiha (sophia89) vs Gremmy Thoumeaux (God_Vulcan)Loss through voting
CaV: Garou (God_Vulcan) vs Piccolo (EmperorThanos)Loss through voting

Before I used to want have dozens of CaV's like great Viners I knew, but I've come to romanticize them so I'll try to make mine a prestigious event and not a casual thing. So I won't be having a lot in the future but each individual one will be important. Quality over quantity.

Cancelled/Unfinished matches:

16 completed matches, 13 wins and 3 losses. Win percentage: 81%.