"The Death of a God, by the hand of a mortal comes with a steep price"

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The Wages of Sin

The Wages of Sin

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After quite some time away, the High Queen returned to the Court of Courts with Shayla in tow. There was a sense of dread creeping through the holy chambers of the library, though none of the librarians would dare say aloud, their Queen was no longer impartial.

The Prime Ninjan Queen walk stride for stride with the Immortal Judge before finally breaking the silence that distanced them. "I can't believe you manage to get the Madison to turn on her people. That's cold, I don't think I ever stooped that low"

Ishara shot Shayla a curious brow before halting in the middle of the hallway. "You have. TWICE to be exact." Ishara released another sigh in agitation, before finally revealing what was on her mind. "I'm annoyed. This shouldn't be possible, but I'm annoyed at the fact you still haven't found my book. I know enough about you, more than you think. ZICCARRA.

The blonde's eyes wince at the mentioning of her real name, but when matched with the all mighty High Queen she could do nothing and like it. "I know you're stalling hoping for some sort of final gambit, and I respect it. But I'll stop all those thoughts here and now."

A quick waft of the hand-pulled a door from thin air, Ishara invited Sha in first before following closely behind with her hands behind her back. "Alexis Pettis had an interesting theory about you before you "killed him," he thought you to be redeemable for some unholy reason. He's not an irrational person so I humored the idea, and he was right.

The two of them stopped at a coffin positioned in the middle of the room, Ishara's fingers gently trace the surface before continuing her arrogant speech. "You know why universe traveling is such a sin? because you never know what the consequences will be. I'm sure you remember there being TWO of you. Of course, you do. Your father tried to create his world, messed up his calculations and accidentally birth a "pocket universe" You decided to choose exile and came to Earth, your counter-part stayed and suffered the punishment. But of course, you know this. I was trying to figure out why you only retained the horrible memories of your past, but then it hit me like a Sonic Burst"

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Another waft of her hands caused the casket to swing inside rest the second edition. Much-like Catalina to Ziccarra in this universe, identical in every way with the exception of their specific upbringings. " You kidnapped this woman, stashed her away and begin pouring your undesired feelings into her. Your "shade" as Maya Liafador called it. Now, here's the deal" Ishara's hand moved again, but this time the two were in the throne room with the High Queen on her throne.

She appeared calm, her voice was low but forceful and threatening. "You will go out there and find my gahdamn book, and if you don't, I'm going to wake her and join you both back together. Powerful yes, you are; but you're not strong enough to deal with your own emotions. Now get the f*** out of my castle!"

Ishara looks down at her hands, they were itching, another anomaly. "This can't be happening..." she gasps with her hands covering her revelation. In just those last moments, the High Queen became a player, no longer tasked with the duty of managing the Universe and forced to dwell in the same living space with those she sought to condemn. "This is what happened to them..." She muttered referring to her siblings that killed themselves in a multiverse battle known as the War of Kings. Then the cosmos shuddered.

You have failed
You have failed

"Daughter, you have failed," The voice said booming into her chambers forcing the former Universal Judge to the floor in involuntary reverence. "Not only have you lost the book but now you have lost your self. His voice sounded like multiple voices cascading on one another. She couldn't lift her head to see him, his aura too bright, his presence too much. This was a long-fabled God of Creation on Earth!

Normally, an Observer would deliver news to the Judges, for they, messengers and authors in the eyes of the Gods. They read the stories the Observers watch but with a potential Destruction, God on Earth direct involvement would be necessary.

"Father, it's not my fault. I wanted to eradicate this wretched place. YOU told me not to." She protests being given a brief reprieve from his divine presence.

"Indeed, the destruction of this Universe would be an unfitting punishment for these humans. You know that. You're a Judge, Besides, despite It all, you have instigated a Galactic War in space. Giving the Imperium your blessings. You failed, and now you will suffer the same fate as this Universe. I have come in search of new potential candidates for the now-vacant judge spots.

"I'll do it myself"

It was unfair, they stopped her from a ruling, they did nothing as they mortals spread like a disease, They allowed her siblings to kill each other, now she was at fault.

"Oh no." She hissed like a defiant child. "Luckily for me, you can't destroy, but...I can...if you leave me down here with them. I will wipe every one of these degenerates from the Universe myself...and you know I will. Then it hit her, there was more at stake here than she was originally told. The Gods of Creation and Destruction were neutral entities, why would they even care about the releasing Entropy. "Father and Daughter" shared a brief glance before he dissipated away.

"Fck it, I'll do it myself"


The Mask of Betrayal

Alzidum- Capitol of the Talmut Empire.

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<Sir, the castle has been breached, we don't understand how!> The King's temperament turns foul, but he won't spill blood until he understood the nature of the threat.

Since it's designation as the capital, Alzidum remained cloaked from star charts and history. Buried in a chasm of asteroid belts and an unexplained dark energy phenomenon it stood unnoticed and untouched. This particular phenomenon safeguarded him from his enemies, namely the Ninjans as they'd see his blood spilled for crimes against them throughout the ages. He was so paranoid, he gave commands from his chambers, and only those in his inner sanctum knew his face. He, King Talmut II, ruled his mighty empire from this throne room forbidding anyone living on the planet to leave for fear that his crown jewel is discovered, but it appeared his efforts were futile.

Rising, his 6 foot 7 stature dwarfed those in his inner sanctum. "Get me answers now." His growl seemingly causing the chambers to follow suit; however, before any of his ministers could begin defensive measures the doors to his sanctum blast open and in strolled a woman.

I like you
I like you

Her very presence causes all but he to fall to the floor in reverence, he was spared the formalities in the presence of his subjects.

"Not much into science and technology huh" She insulted, taking offense to the lack of infrastructure on this "Homeworld."

Her movement halt just under his throne flanked by two hooded figures on her left and right. "King Talmut, I have some questions, whether or not you leave here alive depends on your answers." The High Queen retort brushing dust from her cloak.

"Heh, you demand questions from me?" He scoffed before extending his hands to boil the blood inside Ishara. "Huh, look at that. I don't expect you to understand. She continued unaffected "Your mind wasn't created for critical thinking that much is true. I'm a being composed of pure energy. I don't have blood. My name is Ishara, High Queen and Judge."

The High Queen's eyes surge like a prism before her energy cause his loyal subjects to wither away without resistance. "I could do that to your entire empire, but I won't because I like you"

The Queen's rare display of power left the King Awestruck, she even manages to garner the attention of her hooded colleagues, she was a woman who boasts about her immense power, but seldom saw a reason to display. "Now, my questions. What is your relationship with Lord Nordok of the Imperium? And remember my crimson friend. You're under oath"

He scoffed at the thought. "The Imperium is nothing more than folklore, tales told by spacefarers to prevent Talmut expansion." He replied arrogantly.

"THAT's your answer? I should kill you myself." Ishara barked with anger. "No, The Imperium is very real and they are heading this way. Which brings me to my next question. The Ninjans, why do you hate them?"

Ishara's eyes dart back to both of her cloaked figures with a smirk stretching the length of her face. "Those pretentious whores! They claim to be the fiercest fighting force in the galaxy but hide their tails when faced with a real challenge. They killed my father and destroyed New Haven. Those women are only good for pleasure!"


One of the hooded figures barked, which revealed to him that one of them was female. "I will not rest until I have avenged my father, and sold every last one of those whores into slavery!"

The Arrogant Queen of Judgement brush past him, taking a seat on his throne. "Yeah, I figured as much. Last question, what's your thoughts on the humans? Surely you have one considering they helped kill your father."

Before he could answer more of his royal guard's surge through the doors with malice, but one of the hooded women turned to deal with them. "FINALLY!" She screamed.

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Throwing her shoulders back, her hood slipped off revealing herself as the Calamity Queen Ziccarra Liafador Shayla Lopez. Her optical energy release causes the castle, no the planet to quiver under her obscene might. As the smoke begins to subside, she left no indication that there were ever guards.

"I think us Ninjans can deal out a good bit of pain too" The Prime Ninjan retort calling back to his earlier sentiment about her people. Even though they weren't HER people.

"I don't care about the humans, I'm perfectly fine with them decaying on their own accord" He replied.

"That's just not good enough. I like you Talmut, so I'm not going to kill you. But I am relieving you of your duties" Talmut never got a chance to rebuttal with a quick snap of her fingers he was gone, teleported elsewhere.

Both Shayla and the other hooded being bent the knee for the High Queen, as she sat on Talmuts throne. "The Ninjans mustn't be an ally of humans. I want the total and utter destruction of Earth. You will take over as the leader of the Talmuts. You know what you must do" Ishara commanded speaking directly to the remaining cloaked figure. Shayla and the High Queen disappeared into a portal to return to the Court of Courts. The hooded figure took a moment to sit on the throne, before speaking into Talmut's command PA.

Mobilize The Armada.

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"We're going to destroy the Ninjans."


Pre-Trial: "Long May You Reign"

Somewhere in Lord Nordok's Imperium

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The High Queen needn't do anything spectacular, she simply stood in the middle of the arid desert waiting as patiently as an eternal being could.

This particular being was in this Universe but was not at fault, she was pulled her by another resident. But she would stand trial for her crimes against the multiverse non the less.

In the distance she could see the being moving at speeds most beings wouldn't register, but she could. The very nature of this woman was evident in the energy she gave off, Ishara read the stories of many people that'd met their end by the woman known as "Shayla" or Calamity Ziccarra as many of her peers often called her. "The Prime"

Within moments the former Ninjan Primer was just a few short feet away, pacing back and forth nearly frothing the mouth at Ishara's cosmic scent.

"I don't know who you are, or why you came here. But I hope you enjoyed your day because it will be your last!"

Ziccarra hiss before lunging at the Queen, the darkness shroud circling the Universal Judge allowing the Ninjan Queen to sneak behind to the rear. Before Z could make her final push to absorb the High Queen a pillar of light plowed into the darkness dispersing it's properties across the desert.

I sensed you were in need
I sensed you were in need

Rising behind both of them was one of Ishara's bodyguards, Veritas. Moving in a flash-step, he closed the distance between he and Ziccarra before subduing the Ninjan Queen with a swift body blow which cause the darkness shroud to cease.

"Veritas contains the power of 1 million exploding suns. Not even you with all your power are strong enough to withstand a punch from him" The High Queen explained watching as Ziccarra writhed in agony with her hands caressing her injured abdomen.

Veritas was an ordinary man in his universe, the Ninjans invaded his Earth and he petitioned the Gods of Creation for power to defeat them. He soon learned the gods were often cruel as he was given his power, but only on the condition that he serve them for 100,000 years.

He stood at her side emulating her apathetic nature while Ziccarra struggled to make it back to her feet. "You sensed my power, and yet you still tried to absorb me. Foolish. Ziccarra Liafador of Ninjeta Prime. You will stand trial for your crimes against Universes' 5,10,19, 28, and 94 and this one. All cases where your have stolen the life-force of people with your namesake. How do you plead?"

The downed former primer manage to make it back to a knee, the pain from Veritas punch physically manifesting in her face as like a poison spreading through her body. "I....I..Plead..."

THE 5th!
THE 5th!

Tapping into the power of the Miracle Man, Alexis Pettis; Ziccarra unleash an almost unholy optic blast that threaten to disturb the planet's atmosphere.

The blast hit Veritas square in the chest, digging a trench on the surface of the planet as it guided his body to a stop.

Before leaving the calculated the amount of power Ziccarra had amassed based on her conquest of other universes; but they didn't take into fact that she'd somehow manage to absorb The Champion.

The Evil Queen scanned for the High Queen but she was no longer in front of her. Standing behind her; with a curious brow Ishara stood amazed at how her parents allowed this much of their power to remain in this universe.

"Heh...I get it now..."

She cackled turning to face the High Queen with a snide smirk on her face. "You're something like SOIF, a Universal God. Only something more. You can't interfere..."

Just the thought of a being so powerful but without the ability to do anything enticed the former Queen. Slowly limping toward the High Queen Z continued her analysis.

"How useless must you feel? That I, an average resident of the world just turned your bodyguard into atoms!" The Calamity Queen stood just inches away from Ishara, darkness swirling around them.

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For only the second time in her life the High Queen exhibit an emotion.

"Oh you do feel fear...Long May You Reign.."

Z hissed prepping her Darkness Tendrils to make her and the High Queen one. Shaking off quick feeling of fear, Ishara cast judgement.

"I sentence you." Calamity Z couldn't move, she'd been sentenced and until her sentence had been read; she would never be able to move.

"Now I see why my parents love this place. Even you trifling characters have the power to draw emotion from the most highest of deities. But you see, I have a code I like to stick to. I'm not supposed to interfere so I don't but trust me b!tch, you better be glad I didn't.

Extending her hand over to where the blast hit Veritas the Divine Judge restored his essence, a development that was actually surprising to Ishara. How many beings out there were able to destroy someone like Veritas.

Ishara's eyes turned back to Ziccarra, she didn't say anything. She didn't physically have to the command had been given mentally. "Long May You Reign" Ishara said disappearing from Lord Nordok's Imperium...for now...