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The Gods of Creation and Destruction

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In the beginning the Gods of Creation and Destruction came together to construct the Multiverse and determined the limits and boundaries for each specific universe within the multiverse. They are composed of both "Good and Evil" aspects that came together to create a Multiverse with perfect balance. In order to protect the balance across the multiverse, Observers, Watchers and Seekers--Universal Gods, were birthed to record the history of the Multiverse. Because the power the of gods was so immense some of it lingered in the universes to be used and harnessed by their residents.

This power lead to the emergence of "Mutants" in some universes, "Witches" in others, Metas and "The God Touched" as well. These universes were blessed with abilities and powers beyond the comprehension of mortals but they were given these gifts so that they would never forget the life that was given to them by the Gods.

After the Multiverse was established the "Gods of Creation and Destruction" began "reading" the stories through the eyes of their Universal children. Eventually too many residents of the universe began discovering Multiverse and began jumping back and forth across the "veil" without consequence. In one such incident was a universe that developed way too quickly, it's residents were jumping across the multiverse without consequence, Universal Anomalies were created; along with alternate realities. The boundaries of the multiverse seemingly did not affect this Universe--Prime.

The Gods of Creation and Destruction got together to discuss what must done to keep the universe in check, but they disagreed on the best course of action. Finally one of the more Progressive Gods decided it was better to place the Universe into a "Dead" status and craft one in it's likeness. Once the Prime U was placed into "Dead" status it's development and growth was halted, causing many of it's universally aware residents to jump universes before it ended.

The Universal Judges

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The Universal Judges are the immortal children of the Gods of Creation and Destruction. Despite appearing human they are essentially concentrated cosmic energy with immense power, they cannot be killed (Unless the Gods kill them or they kill each other).

The Universal Judges are composed of four beings: A High King and Queen and a Regular King and Queen. With the High King having absolute veto ability over courses of action. These positions aren't gender specific considering the beings are composed of cosmic energy.

The King and Queen will cast judgement only on specific actions that go against the interest of specific universes and Timelines. It was the King and Queen who determined that "Reality-M" Should enter dead status following it's creation from the Prime-U.

The High King and Queen will cast judgement on universes that go against interest of the entire multiverse. Such as the killing of a Universal God, Multiple interferences from outside Universes, Unauthorized Access to the "Library of Information". The High King and Queen can veto the King and Queen's power and handle any situation themselves, should they choose to and are to be 100% impartial. The Judges are usually heralded by either their Bailiff or Executioner ( Who are granted the ability to interfere) but never both, once a Judge has made a decision it can only be undone by petitioning a God of Creation. The Judges typically rule in 4 manners, "Primed for Destruction", "Dead" , "Removal of Gifts, and Unfounded"

Primed for Destruction- (Quick Process) Means effective immediately the Universe should be destroyed for infractions against the Multiverse.

Dead Status- (Slow Process) Stop the growth and development of the universe. With this ruling life will end it's cycle resulting in the destruction of sun's universe wide.

Removal of Divine Gifts- The judgement calls for the Gods of Creation to remove their gifts left at the point of creation for a period of time.

Unfounded- The Judges concerns were no warranted.

The Library of Information

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The Library of information exist on the edge of the Multiverse at the "Court of Courts" where the judges live. It is a multiversal archive that contains all the knowledge in the universe, and was passed down to the Judges by the Gods of Creation and Destruction.

The books contain knowledge about every Universe both new and old, events and even books about specific people from life to death. It is maintained by Universal Librarians, Gods created for the sole purpose of maintaining the Library, they are forbidden from leaving their duty at the Library.

Because of the sensitive information contained at the Library no one is permitted to access the library without a library card, and under no circumstances is anyone to read a book about a person still living--even the judges. There was one such incident of a Universal God changing the outcome of a story in the Library which was found to be the cause for the immense strength gathered by a Prime Universe Ninjan.

Outside of judgement, mortals can summon (Petition a judge) a Judge for favorable action, provided they are not currently on trial.

So this is my proposed concept, I pretty much took our system: Writer's and COE and made it into an actual concept within the CVnU. But I think I need to get it reviewed so it doesn't impose on any rules (Irony lol). I do not plan on playing the roles of all the judges...just the High Queen.