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Good Intentions But....Eh... 0

I just need to get right down to the nitty gritty on this one and say I'm struggling with this one. The premise by which Helena begins her journey into superherodom feels a little bland. Many, many superheroes have lost a parent (or parents or paternal figures) they loved dearly and use their own personal angst to begin a crusade against the world's injustices. It's fair enough incentive but when it's compared to Helena Bertinelli's origin, of which most of us will inevitably refer to, this one ...

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Questionable But Better 1

I was majorly holding back on this series and Marvel as a whole for a litany of offenses. One major one was Marvel constantly teasing us with Jean to make a buck, well, they've wised up a little (announced her return) and so I tossed them 3 bucks as a little "thank you".Anyways.....I think at one point or another, an editor finally realized just what a nutty premise this series floated on and began some major revisions. This is a good transition, particularly where the art is concerned with Oliv...

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You're Better Off Reading Versus Threads 1

Every member of the Avengers and the X-men are facing off against one another over the Phoenix Force's impending and long-awaited return to the Marvel Universe, an event that could easily quash a series of others that came before it with the shear epicness it could evoke. Yet, within the first few pages it very quickly beats the heck of out if it's own potential within an inch of it's life. The very premise that a conflict, a violent conflict wherein lives could be lost, between the X-men and th...

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