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  • Classic. Like the Venus de Milo of comics.

  • With her valentine-hued costume and her valiant nature as well as her compelling struggles, Wanda's a treat.

  • Stylistically she's stuck in the 60's, she's a nice gal but can pull the sass. Sounds all pretty good to me. Gwen also has street cred, she went to jail for slapping a protester in one issue of Spider-man.

  • She's a buckshot darling.

  • Nice kid with a touch of wit and a dash of sentiment.

  • Acid wit, good looks, and a mean determination all on road-runner time.

  • The Phoenix isn't Jean, Jean is Jean. That's the beauty of Jean, she's one of the few superheroes bold enough to not hide behind an alter-ego when it suits her.

  • Hard to crack, almost irretrievably damaged, introverted, and with strange methods of self-expression...I think I'm in love.

  • A woman wears a bikini and straight men think it's sexy, a man in a speedo however is repugnant through some odd logic. Namor boldly defies this and, even better, were he confronted with any opposition it would more than likely end in his favor.

  • Thieving, sassy, spitfire, the best kept secret of the Marvel Universe.

  • Heinously attractive in a well-to-do, verging on uppity but well-mannered way. And powder blue with red? You devil, how bold.

  • A scruffy brawler with a loyalty that knows no end and an endearing pout.

  • Spectacularly disjointed and dangerous. I love her and whoever else she's got stashed up in that nutzo mug of her's.