Don't know who you're going to call, but I usually call myself

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Delaney bio

( ) refers to alternate personality

Name: Catherine (Cat) Delancey

Age: 18

Weight: 115

Height: 5'6

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blond (Blue)

Power Origin: Pre Possessed Supernatural Hunter

Nickname: Katie Craft (Hex)

Catherine Powers: Paranormic Reflexes: probably not the scientific term but it is what she calls it. Firstly is the ability to detect paranormal activity. Able to identify the abnormal at a glance. With this comes the ability to also commune with the dead, for as long as a copse zombie ghost or whatever is by her it can communicate. With this comes also the ability to travel along the otherwise impossible. Allowing her to do things like walk on air water and walls. With this comes lastly a danger sense and cat like reflexes she never fumbles loses balance and can easily jump up to thirty feet and with this comes a detection of danger. While not perfect as she is still limited by human speed she can usually escape harm.

Cat Powers: all the traits of Catherine are seemingly gone when Cat comes out how or why is a mystery. Cat possess a variety of alternative abilities: it starts with demonic communion able to speak the language of the dead and demonic which allows her to exploit the dark arts. Using the dark arts she can go intangible like a ghost, conjure ammunition and cast the following spells. Feast of the raven, a large flock of carnivorous birds. Levitate, self explanatory. Reign of fire, a small barrage of meteors. Oblivion, a small earthquake that leads to hell. Divine Lightning, a brief thunderstorm that casts lightning.

Catherine Gear: Sparkles, a chainsaw. Silver tipped edges make good for a variety of supernatural dismemberment. Within the weapon looking like tangerine neon lights and cobalt glitter is proton energy and ultraviolet lighting. In short it's a weapon that's really shiny by default and even more so in combat. All this luminous and 'girly' atmosphere combines for potent use in supernatural killing. Made of Vibranium that harnesses absorbed energy to function as a battery thus letting it go as long as desired.

Cat Gear: Talon, a gun shaped like a broomstick. Ammunition consists of silver, holly fire, or uv rounds. Besides that the gun has a variety of weapon designs. There's the Scythe, aka sniper rifle ten round mag reaches up to a mile. Hammer, aka shotgun eight round mag range twenty feet dispensing a wide spread. Longbow, aka rocket launcher three round magazine equivalent to a tank cannon range eighty feet. Sword, standard rifle thirty round magazine range two hundred yards. And the Swarm, aka machine gun it's accurate range is only seventy yards but is aided by a two hundred mag and a three or five round burst. All rounds are propelled at a thousand mph. Made of Vibranium that harnesses absorbed energy to function as a battery thus letting it go as long as desired.


Right so for the longest time I was just a sports loving kid, no big deal relatively average. About seven years ago that changed when I was possessed. Yes that's right a demon was in my head as I laid wide awake with more voices in my head then I thought I could take. That was a rather shity collection of days. You might be asking what happened? Or some other personal query, well fuck off.

Point is some abilities were uncovered upon my 'exorcism' if you can call it that. However something lingered, that's where Hex or Cat comes in. She's the other me, I know when she takes over, sometimes I talk to her or her me. Curiously though I never remember when she takes over. Besides all that though I'm telling you nothing else. Possession isn't fun and I don't want to relive those days.

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