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(maybe we should just make a thread for these? No ok. Aza envokes right to say I told you so though then at later notice ;))

Journals are retarded, seriously who the hells idea was this? Guess that's retarded of me to ask you the reader isn't it? So then let me answer for you and a few basic other details as needed. My name is Fck Off ehm I mean Evangeline Sinclair more commonly just called Eve or Evie and I serve as the assassin of religious sects. I know what your thinking, "what is a obvious smart mouth teen doing working for priests. What do a bunch of priests need a assassin for? Do the priests do" WHOAH stop there we do not discuss that ok! Now shut up with your questions and let me get on with my story ok? Ok. Alsif your to dense to figure it out the pics of me I shouldnt even have to say it.

When I was five satan got in my head, or maybe it was Lillith, is soul the right phrase to you not my cerebral cortex? Whatever point is I was possessed by not so nice beings. I remember the voices clawing in the back of my mind, I remember saying words I shouldn't say. I Should Though! Ignore that, it was wildly foul inapropriate and unfitting of the person one should be. I remember when those damned things were in my mind driving me to take the lives of my family. To escape I tried to halt myself from doing harm to others by doing it unto myself. Two crosses were carved with a kitchen knife, it hurt and I bled and then THEY Ruined It! Should Have Left Me To Die!(the words in the journal seem to repeat this line untill the words begin to blend into eachother)

Ehm anyways my life did not come to an end and soon a priest came to take that darkness from who I am. And I dont give a flying fck who you say you are entirety of that night will reside locked in my mind. Tough sht priests....thats who made me write this by the way the priests. I was on my way getting to that. Whoever it was who had chosen to ravage my mind, they refused to let me escape so easily. Before I was done someone would fall from a window, we lived in New York, our home was on the twelth floor of one of the buildings. I was never told who died, I was never allowed to my family seen again once morning came. I do however remember I had a sister no more then a year older then me a mom and a dad. When I departed my home I do not remember seeing my sister. After that night I was to be taken to Rome where they would teach me all I need to know to be well what I am now. You may find yourself asking me what I was made into, again I would probably have goten there if You Shut Up!

Exposed to the darker side of the life after life I was to become someone to get vengeance upon those that still haunt my nightmares to this day. Rarely do I get more then an hour of sleep, I thank the gods my abilities grant almost no limits of stamina. Odds are whoever is reading this is thinking well that cant be to bad. Being someone who gets to fight the ultimant evils and such. Yeah its cool, but don't be stupid! The training I was put through was almost as much anguish as what got me here. They don't tell me how and I don't remember how, but I possess impressive healing features. I really fcking wish maybe I didn't. The first lessons were all about baring through whatever pain would be done to me. From the age of five to about the age of sixteen I was offten victem for serious wounds. I have been whipped, shot, stabed, decapitated, arms removed, shot more times, flayed its a long not so nice list. The first years lessons were all scripture and pain then they atleast introduced combat, and free runing that stuff I like.

Its strange they didn't make me some kung fu master, to be hounest I can barely even through a punch first. Instead they tought me how to see moves as their coming, how to avoid damage, or as much damage as possible. And then exploit the opening. I cant run up and nail you in the face, Granted I Fckn Wish I co...(the clear writing seems to stop there and flow into a stream of sermons and lines to calm the hell down). Anyways on my sixteenth birthday I was cut loose from my days of training and teachings. When I go on missions I know exactly what to do to leave no physical trace left over. No finger prints, no hair, no blood I am never found. My targets, allways laid to rest. I was now a Hexcraft, thats their top secret title for us witch hunting, demon slaying, soul saving types. Im a bad ass, just say it.

Theres one final thing though, you again probably have some questions. The big one being why would the religious sects want me document this, to make another me? That is because I am really good at what I do, and these saints their not as rightious and true as you might think.

(I don't know how this reads but I had alot of fun with it. Its actually a mix of Hex Bloodstone and a spin on the religious assassin types for a new take on them.)