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CVnU Hexcraft Manor

This building serves as both mansion and chapel to the Templar like society known as the Coven or more so the Hexcroft. While the Coven has many churches around the world this location is dedicated to the central foundation of the pressumed religious faction. It is here that the Hexcraft recieve their training, that they are tought the ways of the Coven. And most importantly where they are given the missions to further clense the world. They believe themselves heroes in a building that is an icon of peace. Though the reality of such is likely the polar opposite.

Hexcraft Manor

Location: Near Stanton Park

Hexcroft: 614 largest recorded besides the undisclosed Haven

Ravens Guard: 30 of these warriors stand watch and are willing to kill if needed

Restricted means only for those belonging to the Coven

Off Limits means only members of the Coven given permission are aloud to enter


When one enters the Manor they obviously first step into the lobby. This is the most warm location of the manor complete with flora all around it almost feals more like a green room then a lobby. Coming here makes one feal at peace as if the gods are blessing this very sight. Despite all its beauty though one who knows the trutth knows the facade.

Library 1st Floor

A simple room for the subject of reading and studies. Filled to the brim with literature and computers its a constant hub of finding intel. If one for whatever reason can not find the book they are looking for, they have just to go to the front desk who will order it for them. Providing it the next day. Ones mind feals more open to learn when in here an aura of mental stimulation in here that seems natural but is truthfuly encouraged by the force.

Library 2nd Floor(restricted)

This is where more, classified information is. Within these halls are collections of security files, blue prints, holocrons, data files and more. A database designed for aiding Hexcroft in their missions and further advancing their skills. It is blocked off by metal and glass that has been tested even durable to the abilities of Mistress Coven, who is rare for anyone to be equal to. Much like the floor below an enchantment resides here encouraging mental fortitude. Except here it also amplifies greed makes one hunger to know all about their studies. Mission briefings are given in this room on most ocassions.

Dining Hall

With marble tables and pilars chairs of rare metals and walls of beautiful wood it is in this hall guests and servants of the lord find their meals. One is welcomed to almost anything they want and however much. The goal of its design hoped that anyone who was their fealt like royalty. It is the only room not augmented in some manor.


The Lord is their weapon, the Lord makes all things possible, the Lord is their shield and the Lord is their salvation. Those who crave belonging, wealth, power, a better world this is who you should put your faith in. This place is the one domain in which you should kneel. Their is no chairs here in this three floored room, one must stand or sit upon the ground be in touch with the world around them. Towering statues of saints encircle the round room, in the center is the tallest. One can not see a face to this person and robes disguise gender. But this is for a reason, as it is said the most grand of people can become that statue. Around the floors is a mist filled with electricity and red orbs of light it is cold and fearsome and yet being here one also feals powerful and superior to the outside world.

Dorms(restricted access)

Naturally if one is going to live in the Manor they need rooms. On the second floor is primarily the dorm rooms. A master bedroom space open entirely to ones design. This floor is rich in fealings that are given off, some may be warm, some may be cold, and some even embue anguish just being near them. One can not enter a room without the company of the rooms owner.

Danger Room Upper Floor

Located on the third floor and taking up most of the floor is the danger room. This serves as the center place to practice physical and ranged combat. Complete with a holograpthic display and real world effects almost any fighting situation can be portrayed. The single restriction to this well armed dangerous floor is that powers are minimal. Speed strength and awarness things like that are allowed but the more potent arts Coven members know can not be used. Stains of blood are not an uncommon thing to find.


First floor large room open and filled with a variety of things to do. It is here that many spend their off time. Just because one serves the lord and dedicates ages to combative expertise their still allowed to have fun. Granted traced of grim ideals do linger here.

Dead Grounds, Danger Room Lower Level (restricted access)

One floor below ground is the second danger room, meant to be accessed by only Coven members or those with a Coven member. It is here that powers are permited. For all attempts and purposes its the same as the one above just more likely to inflict serious harm.

Boundless, Second Lower Level (restricted access)

Barracks for the Guard reside on this floor same as the dorms though tending to be alot more dark and metalic. Here one can also find the Med Bay where wounds are mended and tended to with experts in medical labor and the healing arts of the Coven. The last room on this floor is the Security and Armory insuring nobody acts in a manor harmful towards the Coven.

Forge, Third Floor (Off Limits)

The art of Magic and Echantment is located here, constructing ones weapon is done on this level here as well. This floor also houses cells for prisoners and interogation. To be the victem in one of those cells is usualy to want to convert, or to die. The followers love this floor and what it means, heretics flee at the thought.

Sanctuary, Third Floor(Off Limits)

Located near the back of the third lower floor is a door. It leads into the room of the Mistress Coven. The security to enter this room is technological and spiritual an intruder likely to be washed over with so much pain that they simply drop to the floor. A few have reached their end coming here however as the draw to power is overwhelming.

Back Yard

A open lush field simply for the Coven and guests to wonder. Near the back is a large garage filled with the belongings of Coven members as well. Taste of the religions arts mark spots around this domain.

Court Yard

Similar to the back yard but less blessed/tainted then the back. Its often seen with Hexcroft and Ravens sparring with eachother or deep in studies.


  1. Foremoest have fun
  2. Avoid restricted, and off limit areas unless given permission please
  3. Sell, the place is "blessed" or to be more exact influenced by the force. Have fun with that
  4. Try not to level the building, theres gona be some fights. Theres gona be some damage. But please don't smash by place will ya?
  5. Dont come in automatically knowing their evil or more so Sith. Its a well kept secret unless you've been told in character/discussed it with a member/are a jedi