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Cancelled Reality

(More just a prelude/mini blog as there was no place I could think to put this. )

"Samantha Sprenger loosing her family at a young age took it upon herself to lash out at the monsters of the modern age. Her sanity in question but chainsaw not welcome to Hexcraft Season Four." The sound of a chainsaw reving burst into a guitar solo and and a series of clips of school and zombie dismemberment. Slightly more sexualized in image thanks to Samantha's age.

"Yeah no it's canceled" remarked a man shutting off the presentation screen.

"But are records sky rocketed last season we are this close to having a audience cornered." Remarked the show producer.

"That's the issue Hexcraft is a growing market not a staple. We don't think it would hold. Plus nobody is buying it. People don't get cut in half on live tv. Yes the restraints on content have lightened up do to all the heroics. And the reality tv show aspect helps. Nobody believes though that you'd get away with the ending of season three."

"But we." The producer began to protest.

"Oh I know, but I'll be damned if I go down because of that. You should think the same. Let Alex go."

"She isn't Alex though..."

"Jesus Christ that again?! We all knew it was part gimic he'll let her think she's Sam not like anyone knows the f-cking difference. Just cut the kid loose." While Hexcraft was a good run it had ran it's course and the industry was letting the property go. As for the girl previously known as Alex however she was left within her own lie. The company couldn't afford to risk further involvement.

(Again Just a brief background blog. Hexcraft was a show much like say Buffy the Vampire Slayer but allegedly reality tv. However the villain of last season who was cut in half with a chainsaw was thought to just be special effects leading to the shows cancel. Alex had been an orphan previously but soon fell into the belief that she was Sam.)