Don't know who you're going to call, but I usually call myself

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Bio saving

Name: Samantha Sprenger

Age: 18

Height: 5'10

Weight: 120

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde


Sparkles: a chainsaw. Silver tipped edges make good for a variety of supernatural dismemberment. Within the weapon looking like tangerine neon lights and cobalt glitter is proton energy and ultraviolet lighting. In short it's a weapon that's really shiny by default and even more so in combat. All this luminous and 'girly' atmosphere combines for potent use in supernatural killing. Made of Vibranium that harnesses absorbed energy to function as a battery thus letting it go as long as desired.

Harpoon: a adamantine chain and blade of fifteen feet. Ideal for a grappling hook or weapon. Not much else to say on the matter beyond that. It's just a chain and blade often coiled into a bracelet when not in use.

Powers: Slasher Tropes is how she catagories it. This includes.

Teleportation, no real distance limit so long as it's on earth though the farther away the more exhausting it can be. Tireless, while teleporting can be exhausting little else is being able to fight for hours, go all of finals week without sleep and only having to eat because she wants to. Physique, without exorcise or trying she can keep her figure it seems more or less constant, from this also comes healing within an hour or so she's almost always back in prime condition.

Relentless for unknown reasons her body often holds together or resists the expected severity of wound while her body keeps going. She's far from unstoppable or immortal but she had endured several brutal wounds and kept fighting. She's also able to detect the supernatural naturally knowing of spirits lycanthropy and so on.


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