02/12/2011 post

Ok, so here comes my second post for links to image sites that i've bumped into. So first off we have two very familiar pictures that many of us would have seen floting around online.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

Now if you haven't seen these two pictures before, then here you go. lovely eh :) Now if you can't read the bottom right corner of th Black Cat picture than you should know that these pictures come from angelistar.net, which leads you to http://yayahan.com/ . On this site you can see a wide veriaty of images ranging from Video Games, Comic books and manga and anime. So drop on over and give them a look.

Now onto a second gift. If you like these two images of Lex Luthor and Supergirl:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

Then head on over to ~tenimeart's deviantart page, http://tenimeart.deviantart.com/ . There are some nice cosplay images and set ups there, not to mention other art.

Well thats all for this post. Hope you all enjoy them :)

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The stuff i find online.

Ok, so after a massive image upload binge i decided that it might actualy be a good idea to, well, add the links to the hosting sites for these images so that you can look at more of these peoples work. Now i won't be adding all of these links right now because a.) that would mean that i'll have nothing left to hold peoples interst appart from myspelling errors and my wit and charm (which i've been told is not something i should put down a one of my strengths). and b.) Even i can't remeber all of the sites that i've been on finding images, and would have to do somserches for them again. I will also be adding some videos from youtube, when i think applicable, to break up this minotomy (if you get board). Some of the videos will be some old favourets, some probably not.

So with this being my first blog post I'll add both a link to an image site and a video (how nice am i really :) ).

The first link comes from http://aigue-marine.deviantart.com/ who brought us the Stephanie Brown cosplay pictures, like these:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

There are more cosplay images on her Deviant account with a ceriaty of Hetalia characters to even the lovely Luna Lovegod from the Harry Potter series. She's got some more cosplays planed for next year, which i'm looking forward to (dont judge me). So look on her deviant and check out and support her stuff.

Now for the video, greatfully created for our amusment by thoes boffins at collegehumor. What can i be, i here you ask, well here it is:

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