Herokiller's Favorite Villains.

I'm a fan the the very Strong and the very Evil. I'm convinced that deep down, they're nice guys though.

This is also in no particular order.

List items

  • The Mad Titan. I'm not a huge fan of Nihilist, but for an Emo, Thanos sure can throw down. And As of now, consider him my new Number One

  • The Ultimate in technology, the Indestructible Android and The Original Terminator. Ultron is truly a force to be reckoned with. And My number Two.

  • Anyone who can take on Superman and win is a high quality villain in my book.

  • The most interesting Batman Villain I've ever read about. Very Underrated

  • The Master of Evil in the DCU...and Proto-Thanos.

    He's awesome though.

  • One of my favorite DC Villains, while most hate him, I love his power and his attitude. Most people would be the exact same if they were in his position.

  • Villain, Anti-Hero, Hero, he's been all of them. I don't care for the wearer of the suit, only the ooze that covers them.

  • The original, the classic, the greatest of the Skrulls!

  • Me and him share a common thought, "Survival at any cost." True he made it into a genocidal issue but whatever.

  • He WAS the best villain Green Lantern ever had, a spot that's been filled by .... But he deserves to be on this list.

  • I think of him as a reluctant devil, who never wanted the curse/responsibility that's been thrust upon him. Plus his daughters hot.

  • She's sexy. That is all.

  • Sinestro's second in command. The strongest warrior of the Sinestro Corps. He's a nice guy.

  • Possibly the Marvel U's most dangerous Earthbound player. Whether or not he counts as a villain is up to you, but he definetly deserves his asencion from F4 villain to

    Avengers scale threat.

  • The Pre-New52 version.

    Hard to find another villain as dangerous to Krypton's finest as the man with the Kryptonite Heart

  • Pre-New 52 version

    The Death Seeker with possibly some of the best powers. What can I say, I'm a fan of Terminator references.

  • My absolute favorite Star Wars villain.