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    "She's not seventeen, she's immortal."

    Interesting characters, beautiful art, and a story that promises to explore the natures of creation, fame, and immortality through twelve deities reincarnated as pop stars, destined to die within two ...

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    @brucewayne19: I always feel weird when people talk about "forced diversity" as though within our parents and grandparents' lifetimes there weren't literal laws in place to enforce the opposite. but ...

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    I feel like ego-wise Dr. Doom is the Kanye of the Marvel universe
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    Scarecrow, if he fear-conditioned people to be averse to crime Clockwork Orange style

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    @generator2000: Why.I have put Kurumi and Gabriel with Thanos

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    hello mama
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    haaaaay mawma
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    @_ophelia_: You go first and establish the location.

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    @cdw101: Yep, the old man from Road House. He is the master of playing the part of "old mentor who has just a few more punches left in him".