My favorite powerhouses.

Just a list of my favorite characters. Most happen to be powerhouses (I just gravitate towards those characters) so I figured I would make that the theme of the list. Because this is my favorite characters in my favorite tier you can consider this my CAV characters list as well.

List items

  • All of the powers of a lantern corpse in one and a personality to match. What's not to love.

  • A top tier team-buster and possibly the most versatile character short of Skyfather tier.

  • As a Martian Manhunter enthusiast it would be a crime to not include Despero. One of the strongest mentalists and physical combatants in the D.C. Universe.

  • It would be tough to find an opponent for Zolomon given few could even tag him, but as a Flash fan, if a good adversary is found I'd love to make a debate happen.

  • Classic cosmic Marvel. Not very many appearances, but he's a sweet villain and certainly a powerhouse (despite having an embarrassing plot induced loss or two).

  • I'm not a big fan of bricks, but Shaggy is too cool not to include here. Plus I have read all of his appearances (albeit there aren't many). I don't think he's quite on the level of a true team-buster since he lacks versatility, but his raw power certainly makes him a powerhouse.

  • Not sure if I would want to debate for him because of how frustrating his misuse of his powers is. Rants aside, I'm a Norrin fan.

  • One of my absolute favorites. In my opinion J'onn is the most powerful hero below team-buster level. Period. Don't @ me.

  • The big blue himself. One of my favorites growing up and a major reason I am so into comics today.

  • Wally or Barry (though I prefer Wally). I don't rate them quite as highly as most do on this site, but their still undeniably powerful and personal favorites.

  • What can I say, I'm into cosmic Marvel.

  • Very underrated. His versatility makes him incredibly dangerous and capable of taking out characters far more conventionally powerful.

  • A somewhat cheesy villain that I happen to have read every Post-Crisis appearance of. His raw power is top tier.

  • Probably the most underrated on this list. Most probably have no idea who he is, but I am a big fan. Both his personality and powers are badass.

  • One of my favorite Superman villains. He's packing all the raw power of Superman while being virtually impossible to put down.

  • A bit different from everyone else on the list, but my absolute favorite character as a kid. I couldn't bring myself to make this list without including Son-Goku. But only Dragonball through Dragonball Z. Everything after is trash in my opinion.

  • Super versatile and underrated. In my opinion one of the top tier heroes below team-buster.

  • A low tier powerhouse for sure, but one of the coolest also. Mark is a favorite, though not being into bricks I am not sure I would want to represent him in a debate.

  • Another character that just barely makes his way into what I would consider a powerhouse. Arthur is awesome, especially as of the New-52.

  • Not all of these guys are powerhouses, but whatever. The ones that are deserve to be mentioned. Namely Mirror Master, who I would love to debate for sometime.