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Round 2: Further Counters

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iam going to just cut this part away now that i am using void spartan i no longer need these apollo and catlin comparisons for my arguement and they would require way to much back tracking and explaining.

Okay. But by ignoring this, you now have no strength or striking feats at all...

it was hardly desperation spartan was tanking the heat vision and using a sonic attack of his own he was smiling it wasn't desperation and this version of spartan was just trying to get the others away from mejestic he had no illusions about beating him but the fact he managed to fight him the way he did was impressive.

Perhaps we have different ideas on what it means to “tank” an attack. Even if Spartan didn’t demonstrate pain (due to being a robot), that does not mean that he took minimal damage. The entire flesh layer of his face was completely melted off and immediately following this beating, he self destructed to try and save his friends, but failed to do any damage whatsoever. I would call that desperation and fail to see how this is impressive.

he didn't no sale it hurt that's why he was angry but of course it wasn't nearly enough beat him but the manhunter would be much more vulnerable to this kind of attack than majestic

Why would J'onn be more vulnerable? I have already shown MMH staying conscious after being at ground zero of a larger explosion which KO'd Superman, GL, and WW.

he didn't resort to suicide he knew he had dozens of bodies to switch too on the plane which is where he needed to go anyway to achieve his goal it was a sound strategy that just didn't pan out . the heat vision melted synthetic skin the metal was fine underneath .

Here he doesn't have spare bodies... So if he gets torn apart he can't self destruct and switch to a healthy body. Thus I fail to see the relevance of the scan. It's essentially just Spartan getting casually dispatched...

the definition of stasis field. A stasis /ˈsteɪsɪs/ or stasis field, in science fiction, is a confined area of space in which time has been stopped or the contents have been rendered motionless.

Literal definitions and science rarely apply to comics. I think it is clear that this containment field isn't warping time based on the fact that Voodoo's still capable of thinking thoughts and using her powers. Which is all MMH needs to escape via his mental powers detailed in my last post (which you did not counter).

she is part daemoniate they have that power.

Exactly... She is part Daemonite. Similar to how Superboy doesn't have all of Superman's powers, it's possible she doesn't have the full Daemonite power-set. I am not arguing she doesn't, it just isn't listed in her power-set in the places i've looked.

Either way, not hugely relevant. Even if she can phase, she doesn't have the versatility to counter a stasis field that MMH does.

that wasn't telepathy it was possession he was possessed by them completely diffrent power and all of them are powerful telepaths in there own right and had to resort to possessing him

Then luckily Martian Manhunter's telepathy can also function as possession. For example, JLA Classified #52 where MMH possessed the Green Lantern John Stewart (who also has notable TP resistance):

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

And I have also showed at length that J'onn is vastly superior to entire groups of top tier telepaths like the Daemonites.

that with the 3 scans of him blocking telepathy outright makes it unlikely tp is an option

It states in your 3 scans that the reason he is blocking the telepathy is because he is a bio-synth. I expressly covered in my last post that MMH can/ has used telepathy on bio-synths, AI's, telepathy resisters, etc. Yet you never countered or even mentioned this fact in your post.

Closing Thoughts

You kept things rather brief, which I can appreciate. That said though, in the interest of brevity you failed to even attempt to counter many critical points and are missing some critical evidence for your case. To elaborate, here's the holes in your case thus far:

  • You have no strength or physical combat feats, due to your choosing to disregard your previous feats. If your going to say all of our previous discussion on physical combat is irrelevant because your going to start using "void feats", then you need to actually post void feats...
  • You ignored my counters various counters to your stasis field.
  • You ignored my numerous feats that demonstrate why Martian Manhunter should be able to TP Spartan.

Therefore, Martian Manhunter still holds the hand to hand, versatility, and telepathic advantages, conducing a Martian victory.

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@comic_book_fan: I am going to refute, I mean once I’m done open for votes? Before you said you wanted this to be the last round. I’m cool if you changed your mind.

You went first so I would get last post.

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@comic_book_fan: nice! Is that your complete post or you have more tomorrow?

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