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Real Name: Willux Kasabian

Super Name:Helimage

Age: 36


Height: 6'

Place of Birth: New York

Identity: No one knows him



Hellion Magic-Not necessarily an ability he was born with, he uses dark magic known as Hellion Magic. Taught to him by Azazeal and the other Fallen Angels. They taught him for the simple fact they wanted more of a show during his Arena battles, and they taught him everything they knew. He can use his Hellion Magic to do just about anything. From casting large shows of lights, to bringing demons into this world from hell. He can also cast the magic without incantations something no human has accomplished before him, a feat that made him a very well known Mercenary within hell. Only thing it cannot do is heal, it is not a magic that was created to heal only destroy.

Resistant: While in hell he discovered something that no human has accomplished while in hell, every time he was hurt or damaged in anyway he could not be hurt in the same place and the same way again. IE if he was stabbed in the chest by a sword and did not die from it he could not be stabbed again by a sword. This does not allow his entire body to be resistant from the damage, only the place on his body he was damaged before.

Slight Telepathy: He is unaware of how it happened, but his time in hell also gave him the ability to "hear" what a person is thinking. Or simply "Know" a persons name simply by talking with them. Only takes a brief time of speaking with someone or being around them to be able to read their body language, know their name, etc etc

Weapon Master/Marksman-Self Explanatory


Gunsmoke: One of the items he escaped hell with. Fires pure hellfire, and secondarily fires Brimestone. Two separate forms of fire that reside within Hell. It channels the pure essence of both substances, only able to fire 9 "bullets" in an hours time span. He uses Gunsmoke only in the most dire of situations

Na'at: A branch broken from the tree that Judas Iscariot hung himself from, able to transform into any weapon the user thinks of (Anything besides guns and mechanical weapons). Also if the hilt is twisted counter clockwise it extends barbs outwards, and if twisted clockwise retracts these barbs.

Lighter: Lighter that holds pure Hellfire, Hellfire from Azazeal's own pit. If lighter is flicked it spews out waves of Hellfire. Holds a limited amount of Hellfire

Coin: A coin he attempted to steal from Azazeal, that spoke in symbols and in Hellion. But it had a mind of its own, and in his escape it burrowed itself into his palm. An excruciating experience it now resides deep in his hand, forming a face when it decides to speak or when spoken too. The coin has a smart ass attitude, and doesn't like Willux much. Will constantly remind him that if he hadn't tried to steal it they would never have been merged.

The In-Between Door's Key- This key allows for anyone holding it (having it in pocket etc etc) to travel from place to another through shadows. Many doors reside In-Between and each door opens depending on what the user has on his mind. Willux once topside had the Key embedded within his heart with Hellion Magic.

Bone Knife-This knife made from an angel's femur can pick any lock, or start anything if inserted into it. (Works for starting stolen cars as well. Something Willux uses often)


After twelve years in hell he resembles ground meat, having been beaten to a bloody pulp every single day in hell. His body is covered in unsightly scars, and his face is the only slightly undamaged part of his body. As the Hellions and demons in hell still wished to look at him while they "used" him he is still a fairly unattractive man.

He often wears a long trench coat, or a simple leather jacket.


Willux is a prick, simple as that. He interacts with others but does so in a snide and dick like way. Still rather pissed that he was dragged to hell for no honest reason, and tormented for 12 years he still holds alot of animosity towards his time in hell. Even though he comes off like a prick he does care about those in need, or even those who have grown close to him. His unsightly appearance also does not help his overall mood as well.


Using Hellion Magic calls for ALOT of blood. Many times using it or using a very powerful spell causes Willux to cough up or vomit blood. If he uses these powerful spells over and over he will drain himself of blood, so he uses the powerful spells even as seldom as he uses the Gunsmoke

Even though he is resistant to alot of punishment due to his time spent in hell, his body is still very human. If sufficient damage is done to his body he will either die or pass out due to exhaustion.