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My MCU ranking

Tiering (open the spoiler block)

S = Great movies. Rewatchable, enjoyable crossovers like Infinity War, Endgame, Civil War, No Way Home or standalone stories with different elements like Iron Man 1&3, Guardians of The Galaxy 1&2, Thor Ragnarok, Captain America Winter Soldier. Doctor Strange, Moon Knight, Spider-Man 1&2, No matter which mood I'm in, scenes from these movies always enjoys me. I don't need to review these movies because they are great in most parts.


A = Good movies but everytime I rewatch I have different opinions. it kinda depends on my mood. There are outdated movies like Avengers 2012 which doesn't enjoy me anymore due to what we got later so far, so I can't be objective on that. Shang-Chi was kinda formulatic, but choreography was great and I liked the character and the villain and the ambience. WandaVision had very different plot and for this sole reason I can't be objective. it has awesome creativity and imagination behind it, but looking deeper it definitely had flaws and it has become worse with each episode (with final being the worst). Thor 2011 is pretty underrated, Earth parts kinda ruins it, but Asgard and Asgardians, and even Thor is closest to comics. What If was definitely dissapointing with the ideas it chose that nobody cares such as character swaps like what If Peggy became the Cap or what If T'Challa became Star-Lord or unnecessary ideas that came from nowhere like Party Thor, but it had great few episodes like Dr. Strange episode, Zombie Episode, Tony-Killmonger episode, and Infinity Ultron episodes.


B = Projects that dissapointed me. Iron Man 2 was definitely the worst Iron Man movie with the worst plot and the worst villain. Black Panther was overrated, it was your classic MCU movie but I couldn't find anything impressive to carry this movie to A tier. choreography was bad, CGI was terrible. Musics didn't impress me. Black Panther's character was downgraded after Civil War, and he was sidelined for Killmonger. Dr. Strange 2 was mess. Plot is rushed as hell, Strange is sidelined in his own movie, Wanda's great character evolution in WandaVision is completely destroyed with trash plot. Loki is extremely boring with the only good part of this series is being Loki himself. it starts awesome and shocking with showing everything we know in the MCU is controlled by bunch of office workers who uses infinity stones as paperweights, but then it turns into chasing female Loki in boring places simulator. Wakanda Forever is decent and in fact it could have been better than the first movie, but movie is too rushed. Namor and Talokan deserved more screentime with realistic narrative of politics. The Incredible Hulk is pretty underrated because it had great fight scenes. But yeah that's all, other than that plot is very bad. Ant-Man 1 and 2 are eh, they are funny, they are enjoyable, but you never see Ant-Man being a professional Superhero. He always hangs out as an amateur and the fact that he borrowed the suit to just to help Hank Pym and Wasp is dissapointing.


C = Projects that I only enjoyed few parts (opposite of the S tier). Captain America TFA is the only Phase 1 movie I didn't watch before Endgame. I watched some scenes from Youtube but I never watched the movie as a whole. To be fair, it was boringfest. Hawkeye starts decent but it never takes itself seriously. it deserved a more serious tone. I liked Kate Bishop (a lot), but I didn't like any of the villains and to be honest, I didn't even like Yelena. her story is shoved, and finale suddenly becomes about Yelena's revenge which didn't even make sense in the first place. Captain Marvel was again boring between first and last parts. My problem with the movie is she has no character arc. She just learns she had super powers, and that's all. she doesn't get any experience that helps her to evolve as a character, or anything. She just discovers her powers. Eternals again, is a rushed dissapointing project. 10 7000 years old heroes, they are so old that they witnessed every culture on Earth, People think they were gods, they joined wars with Asgardians, they helped to trap Egyptian Gods, they are the serveants of Celestials and the movie is basically %80 hey let's team-up after 1000 years. You just can't pull a team as big as Avengers with 3 hour movie. Eternals needed their own series. Thor Love and Thunder and Thor The Dark World, both are terrible. If they actually swap the tones, maybe both could have been better. There are few projects that chose a boring tone like Black Widow, which is your cliche superhero movie (which had potential to be a great spy thriller). Falcon and The Winter Soldier chose a great plot, but execution was bad. They could have explore the effects of post snap better than bringing a organization like Flag Smashers which kinda ruined the series because both Falcon and The Bucky are more professional and dealed with much worse

Notes = I'm not planning to watch She-Hulk, and I'm currently watching the 4th episode Ms Marvel so they aren't included to the list.

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