The Strongest Characters List

This is a list based on physical strength. If Im missing anything or if the list is not in order, please let me know via a comment below. Thanks!

List items

  • As a god and demi-god, herculese is the god of strength and possess limitlesss strength.

  • The prince of Eternia, as the avatar of He Man possess limitless strength as the strongest man in the universe.

  • The Hulk has infinite capacity for strength that appears limitless.

  • The son of Hulk, born with absurd strength from her father combined with old power makes the warrior even more powerful, and practically immortal.

  • Extremely powerful hero from an alternate Earth.

  • Though not usually seen using his strength, Thor is a powerful warrior.

  • A powerful superheroe with astounding strength.

  • The one punch man is very strong

  • This powerful warrior at times appear even stronger than Superman, boasting limitless strength.

  • The Thing is a member of the Fantastic Four and an effective class 100 tonner.

  • Meliodas has shown impressive striking strength.

  • Luffys physical and striking strength is such that currently he can one shot a pacifista.

  • A very strong giant.

  • Extremely powerful, stopped a multi cityblock level attack using his pinky.

  • Powerful thief