And so it ends

If there was anyone left alive, Sion would've loved to say I told you so. As his gaze swept over the entirety of the once populous universe he'd spent a few good years in, Sion was a bit...emotional. As always, he had failed to cease to exist. The curse that bound him to live an unholy life still kept him and his brothers going.

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Speaking of brothers, out of a crumbling world, out of the dying Earth arose a ship teeming with life and life forms that were his and his brothers. Sparks, all of them. As the last vestiges of the realm of the beast closed for the dying reality, the ship that had emerged came to land a distance close to Sion, facing his back to nothingness. Perhaps one day it would come to bear fruit and be reborn a new. Or maybe it would not. For what its worth, Sion had seen it through its course, and he was ready to head back. His home awaited him.

"This isn't the first, and it won't be the last," Said an emerging man, blue hair and red eyes as he came to float in front of Sion. Light Castle as they called him had sighed upon seeing Stuart. He was sometimes far too emotional. They'd now been alive for millions of years and have had the opportunity of witnessing the death and creation of many realities. And yet Stuart Sion was always somewhat reluctant to let go. For someone who'd rather be dead, he was actually the one of the Great 10 with the most attachment to life. For a hundred thousand years they had been in slumber while Sion had refused to sleep. "And its time for us to says Silver."

"Right, I suppose it is," Sion didn't bother clashing words or ideals with this man, his nemesis through all of creation. He'd simply sank into the shadows, before appearing within his cabin in the ship. It'd been kept well for his return, as he knew it would be.

And so the ship departed from reality, never to be seen again.


Feelings (CVU)

Ivana walked out of her room, naked except for her underwear and a shirt, and sat on a stool by the kitchen counter. There was a cup of coffee sat on the counter, one most probably designated for her. It was weird having a "mother", but Ivana didn't really mind. In terms of being a crazy beach, Sylva probably couldn't top her actual mother anyway. Somewhere deep down, however, Ivana appreciated her presence. Unlike her mother who was never there, Sylva was there, even if she was in her own imaginary world.

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Back when Ivana came to this world, she didn't think she would end up mingling with humans. That really was unexpected, meeting James, ending up clashing with Johann and ending up in an apartment with Sylva. It was all superficial and, despite not being what she wanted, Ivana agreed in her heart that she needed these people n her life. They helped her emerge out from the shell of her own insecurities and introvertism. They weren't necessary kind of doing it, no, but what mattered was still that they were and they did. Ivana Mankhan wouldn't be here if it weren't for them. Given that she was extremely reckless, it would've been only a matter of time before someone in the high and mighty found her and disposed of her.

What about now, though? James gave her a sense of yearning. Johann gave her a purpose, and Sylva gave her a sense of home.

"I hate it, I hate them all," She said, taking a sip off her coffee. It was the weekends, and Ivana had taken leave from campus to be here, at Neocorp, among people she barely knew. What annoyed her was the fact that she bothered talking to her school about this leave. Ivana could've been gone without no one realizing she was, but...she chose to tell her dorm.

Meanwhile, her subconscious mind constantly flowed out and invaded all the hundreds of workers there in the building. This was something she did without really being conscious of it, however, it was just as true that she heard everyone's thoughts at a subconscious level. This mechanism just did not affect her conscious mind, only information she was interested in would be registered, like the newest employee of Neocorp Pharmaceuticals, or the fact that her cousin and his boyfriend came for a visit...interesting. It wasn't hard for her to find out all she wanted about the horned woman with red eyes. People knew her, had seen her in action on the TV. She really was never ending famously. She even had action figures and merchandise! Most importantly, she was the cousin of James!

There was such a time when Ivana wanted to hurt the boy in order to get to Ali...but that was a long time ago. Her current purpose was world domination, and maybe make it hell for the Prince of Shea, a nightmare to live in. Once Ivana managed to gain control of the world, she could use it all to bring about calamities and inconvenience for Ali and his...girlfriend. She would even be doing the realm a favor if she managed to get rid of the girl. A smirk appeared on her pale gray face when she realized what she wanted to do. Kaija was a more direct approach to hurting Ali, and perhaps the easiest route, too.


Magic Proficiency: Ivana Mankhan

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Magic is dumb. I was an A+ class witch back in the realm. Here in Outer World? Stupid Magic decided it didn't want to work here because magic spells of the realm only manipulated an omnipresent and non-exhausting reserve of Mana that belongs to the Master. So, I had to learn magic from scratch.

I won't say I enjoyed it, but what choice did I have? Fortunately, the Academy had people who taught magic. Outer World wasn't totally useless in this regard. And they had a wide variety of magic systems that I could learn.

Given my affinity with the Dark Celestial host, and my natural ability to manipulate the four elements, I, of course, went for something that could become an extension of my natural abilities. That is to say, I decided to take the Elemental Magic as a major. Elemental Magic at its basic taught how to conjure elements, which was something I could do naturally. The Advanced level taught me how to merge elements and create completely new ones, such as Earth + Fire = Metal, Water + Wind = Weather Manipulation etc. The Expert Level concerned the forging of elements into Various shapes, whilst the Master stage involved bringing life to Elements. In other words, the art of Golem making.

I had already mastered the basic stage, which allowed me to immediately move to the advanced stage. I had an advantage over Outer Worlders. Using my clan's secret arts, I could conjure hundreds of different variants of basic elements, such as Green Fire, Blue Fire, Red Fire & Black Fire. This is what gave me an edge in terms of element manipulation over others.

I must show this to James! A concoction of Hell Flames and Earth Flames resulted in a Purple Black Flame that burned even hotter than the sun.


The Anomaly (CVU)

It was deathly silence in the hallways, a veil over the whole of reality. You could find shadows, just shifting in and out, most of them never stopped to talk to each other, had placed to be, things to do. The veil, the hallways were often negligible, but a staple in the life of every Nightcrawler. Hundreds and thousands of years of renovation made the Hallways more appealing. Parts of it of it was littered with piles of ... garbage, while other parts of it were more organized with structures, locker rooms and other item storages. Nightcrawlers died, but the things they stored in their remained, and it was not lootable either because realistically only another Nightcrawler can invade this dimension, this hallway.

A man sat in his chair, drinking a cup of tea. Normally, this was a bad place for a cup of tea. Only the Nightcrawlers found warmth within the cold embrace of the hallways, only they had lived within the lifeless walls of the hallways. And yet, warmth permeated in and around the man who sat in his char, as if he was able to affect the hallways with his mere presence. If you looked at the watch on his wrist...time was moving! Normally, time did not move here. A nightcrawler can spend decades here without ageing an instant, but right then, around this man, time was not a standstill. It exists out of the temporal loop with the rest of the hallways. In effect, it was impossible for any other nightcrawler to even realize he was there, despite him being there.

This was the only place where he could relax and be himself, away from the world, and away from his people. He let his natural thoughts flourish in his mind, freely letting them occupying his consciousness. His first worry was regarding his own son. His son was unlikely able to handle the responsibilities that came with being the clan leader. Strength wasn't the first line of qualification for his clan, but ability mattered the most, the ability to move through the dimension, the ability live up to the expectations of his peers, but it seemed as though he didn't have the mental fortitude. Perhaps he was to blame? Maybe he was too loving, doting on his son as his own parents should have when he was young. Instead, before he was a teenager, he was a warrior. A warrior trained to fight at the highest tier in the realm. It was thrilling, but it also honestly made him less social than he was supposed to have been. He made friends through battle, lifelong friends.

His lifelong dream was to make his clan acceptable. Nightcrawler way of doing things involved hard discipline and temperament that did not allow for failures. Everyone walked the fine line between life and death. It was the acceptable premise for their livelihood. The years of continued existence along this mindset was all but guaranteed, had it not been for the demise of more than 80% of the whole clan. The Outsiders were to blame. The Lightning God, in particular, was an undisputed calamity for them. Records didn't lie, he's seen them, in the clan's sacred treasury. Only he was allowed inside, and those he succeeded, those ancient leaders of his clan. The Lightning God could not be stopped, he could not be touched, even by the grace of the sect lord. He'd slain all of them, single, cold-hearted strikes from the infamous Lightning Cutter. Generations were told these stories, as lessons. Perhaps it was a good thing that the Lightning God lineage vanished from the realm after his death.

The complication arose when Ali was born, the son of his best friend. It wasn't his birth, but the realization of his powers when the boy turned 16. The boy possesses that cursed bloodline of the fiend responsible for our trying times. Voices whispered to him in the dark. Voices told him to annihilate the boy, but he'd taken strict measures to not let such thinking persevere. At least, he was able to prevent them from brewing a flame of war, of hatred that ran deep. But he wasn't able to really prevent the emergence of rows upon rows of people trying to assassinate the would-be heir to Shea's throne. It was as if everyone had subconsciously come to the conclusion that the Outsider boy was precisely the only one who would succeed to power. Maybe it was a good thing that the boy chose to disappear.

So did an Assassin!

The man sitting in the chair enjoying his tea let out a sigh. She was the only heir to her grandmother's legacy, one of true Nightcrawler way. Her hair may have turned grey, but she was still a deadly force to be reckoned with. The mad didn't think too much about her. She wasn't going to change her ways anytime soon, and whether or not she realized it, he needed her to fulfil the exact role that she was. He was, of course, aware that she was sleeping with that man. More likely, she did not think much about it, but he did, the man counted on it. He would've continued sitting there until the tea had finished, or it had turned dead cold. Either premise was fine by the man, until, a sudden change occurred. It was extremely minor, subtle, and a vibration that no one else could really sense because the source of it was on his hand.

The man looked down at his left hand, the hand holding the cup of tea. He had a ring on it, with a deep blue gem sitting at the centre of it. The vibration came from it. And when it did, a sense that an anomaly had been born spread through his consciousness. It was almost like a plea. Something which should not exist had come into being. Normally, the ring was specific with its reasoning for disturbances. Not this time, no. The Marvel of the hallways also lay in the fact that it was a vast consciousness, a mainframe for those born within the clan, those with the cores that spoke to the Blind Assassin. This was why he was able to locate any nightcrawler no matter how deep he or she had traversed within the hallways, and bring them out. At this moment, the Key was telling him that something absurd had occurred, but, it was also unable to locate the source of it, the reason for this feeling, almost as if the reason did not exist on this side.

Is it her? The man wondered, she was the only one that's left the realm after all, and the only Nightcrawler he was unable to maintain contact with. The Goddess of Betwixt closed any and all communications from the Outer World from happening and so it was natural that he was unable to find her. It didn't matter and he did not let it bother him. But this, this bothered him. Should I talk to Raikia, or send someone to go look for her? The man wondered in silence.

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The Golden Emperor (CVU)

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Legends say he is not mortal, that he is a god that can't be dominated at all. His golden armaments are supposed to be proof of this fact. He came from the east, across the vast expanse of the ocean that separated them from the continent that the emperor dominated. He came riding Dragons, along with his 10 Dread Lords. Together with them, he sought to lay waste to Shea. Together, he almost succeeded in doing so. While Shea's strongest, the Abomination Khan were occupied with Toroshia's White Grizzly and Rea's Savage Dragon, The Golden Emperor moved inland to capture the seat of power of the whole country.

This was a man whose footsteps could crumble mountains, whose voice could calm storms and whose presence could inspire dread in his foes, and hope in his allies. Such a presentation was more than capable of tearing down Shea's foundation. And yet, the obvious did not come to pass. No one knows what had happened on that day, but what people did see was a hole in the Golden Armor's chest plate that the Golden Emperor wore. Who or what was strong enough to deal such a fatal blow when those who could be already in battle elsewhere.

On that day, the Emperor had retreated, and Shea had persevered and won that fight.

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Infestation - CVU Locale / Instant Dungeon

Is it natural? Was it man made? Exactly who or what made this?

Scablands - Washington

A purple smoke spread across the land, enveloping an area of land within its embrace, no less than 2000 miles of it. A land void of life had become abundant almost overnight with dense overgrowth and strange life-forms that possessed incredible vitality. The borders of Scablands naturally developed an overgrowth of plants that reached all the way up to 15 miles, becoming a naturally formed zone of itself. Space twisted at the borders of this zone, magnifying the proportions inside of it to be hundreds of times what it was apparent from the outside world. Energy fluctuations within the infested zone prevent flight from above as anything that does cross the borders into this land disappeared mysteriously.

The vicinity of this mysterious zone could be regarded as safe, as almost nothing filtered out despite the howls that resonated from within at untimely intervals. There were roars, howls and guttural sounds that came from within and displays of fire and lightning which accompanied. Apart from this, as nothing came out of the 15-kilometre borders around the zone, it posed no threat to the outside world. It didn't, however, promise the safety of anyone that chose to walk in.

The forest that at first glance appear as the border is actually as big as the Scablands itself. It covers the mysterious Scabland World that formed overnight. This forest is home to gigantic beasts that range from 5-10 meters in length, humanoids like Giants and Trolls to mighty beasts like Dragons roam the unforgiving landscape. The Outer Zone is home to three settlements, a Troll Camp and 2 Giant Encampments. The forest is the safest area in Scablands, as you are relatively safe inside if you could avoid some of the gigantic creatures or become friends with one.

The Inner Zone falls right past the forest and forms the ring which surrounds the core of Scablands. It's a water world that stretches for 600,000 miles. You could choose to fly above in order to cross it, but be warned because the air is extremely cold. It's about 500 degrees below zero. The Water World is warmer and contains abundant oxygen and plant life capable of sustaining an ecosystem. Underwater is safer to travel, but the waters are infested with gigantic life forms, poisonous jellyfish that's as tall as a 50-foot tall skyscraper, and Octopuses that stretch for kilometres on end.

The Core region is small, only 200 miles across, and its actually an island, an island with a beach around it. At the centre of this island is a multicoloured mountain range, a mountain of Gold, Nth metal and Vibranium, and other precious metals rich for pickings for anyone who dares venture into this wilderness. Anyone who steps foot through into the forest are told of the Core Island and its contents via a mental transmission of unknown origin.

  • Details within this locale are not NPCs. If you venture in, do tag me, as I'll be in control of your journey through. This has been done to preserve fairness and the loots of this dungeon are not improperly taken advantage of.
  • Entry and Exit is not prohibited. You can do so as you please, with the only restriction being that you cannot cross over from the top of the forest into the Scablands.

Viper Clan - CVU Clan Introduction

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In the history of Shea, and perhaps the whole realm, Nightcrawlers might've been considered the best Assassins, skilled in the use of various tools of the trade, but if there ever was a clan that was the best at dominating their foes using a blade, that was the Vipers. They went into battle with nothing but an average superhuman physiology as compared to others, but they came out as relentless warriors, difficult to dominate and almost impossible to keep down unless they were dead.

They commanded vitality and survival ability, unlike any other clan, armed with a healing factor that only grew more potent the more you made them bleed, the Vipers truly were warriors bred to fight. This tenacity undoubtedly earned them a fearsome reputation as well as helped them become one of the strongest clans in the history of Shea.

While most other clans focused on ending battles as soon as possible, the Vipers usually prolonged the fights, exploits their opponents waning endurance and almost always came out on top. They also had one of the best swords fighting techniques polished and perfected through aeons of trials and errors, and they continue to perfect it. The 'Viper's Sword' capture the essence of nature around the sword, manipulates the essence of reality, seeking to find a weakness in their opponents and strike at exactly where it hurts the most. One Sword, One body. It's a technique that turns the Vipers into swords themselves, sharp, able to cut through virtually anything, at the apex of skill.

Never underestimate them for being weak.

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Affairs of Importance (ROTB - CVU)

George Town, Shea

It’s been three years since Ali Outsider left the realm of the beast. He left in order to meet the one called Light Castle, his first father. Ali had promised to return as soon as possible, but three years have passed by, and there has not been a word from him. Outsider Clan as a whole was under no small amount of pressure from the actions of its prodigal son, the named heir to the throne of Shea...people was beginning to doubt if Ali was going to return, if at all. His parents were both hurt and angry over Ali’s disappearance. They sent someone after the boy, but he too had disappeared.

Somewhere in George Town, a meeting was in progress, chaired by Micah Outsider and he faced all the council members from the 6 major clans of Shea. The meeting was held concerning no other than Ali Outsider. This meeting was forced mainly by the Lord of the Ironhide's, Ronin Ironhide, the leader of the opposing alliance to the Outsiders. “Thank you for meeting on such short notice, everyone,” The 6ft tall dark skinned Ironhide Lord spoke, his gaze turning to face everyone, one after the other. He had a smile on his face. “I called this meeting in order to discuss matters pertaining to the disappearance of the young Lightning God, Ali Outsider,” He said, pointing his hand towards the empty seat across the table. It belonged to Ali. Every faction leader of the Outsider Clan had a seat in the S.A.C (Shean Administrative Council), and two extra contestable seats that made up for a total of 6. “As you all know, he is also the heir to the throne of Shea,” Ronin turned towards Micah seated at the front of the table, slightly nodding his head, “The Alliance of Ironhides and Vipers are thoroughly concerned about the future of Shea due to the irresponsible actions of its heir and seeks a resolution from this council,” He ended his speech and sat down.

The entire council erupted in rambling, many talking among themselves, some heated debates, shouting and all manners of voices directed at each other. “You just want to make that brat of your clan the heir, Ronin!” Ali’s father erupted in rage, his hair turning a dark red, old and worn out muscle suddenly fading to reveal an almost youthful appearance on the man.

“At the very least, he’s not someone that will abandon his responsibilities, Outsider,” Ronin said calmly.

“Enough,” Micah stood up, “We are here attending civil discussions, and we will conclude this as such,” He banged on the table with a loud enough fist to get the attention of everyone, “Now, first and foremost....” He turned to face Ali’s father, “Do you know the whereabouts of your son?” Micah asked. He favored Ali, and it was Micah going against his son that had proclaimed his grandson Ali Outsider as the heir to Shea’s throne, a decision he was thoroughly regretting. He had hoped that given enough time, Ali would come to recognize his responsibilities and duties towards his clan and country. Alas, that was not to be, and he had fled without a word. Micah had received a transmission a few months ago, but there was almost nothing said of returning. This was troublesome and a perfect opportunity for the Ironhides to try and hijack the throne legally.

Ahmed Outsider’s rage was infinitesimal. This was all his fault. He did not blame Ali, he blamed Micah. Ali never wanted this responsibility, it was forced upon him. Of course, he ran! “No,” He gritted his teeth as he answered the proposed question, “No word since he set foot outside the realm,”

“We should strip him of his title, Lord Micah Outsider,” Ronin spoke, respectfully. He dared not speak rashly to the Lord of Shea. He was still the Lord of Shea, the strongest in Shea as well as one of the remaining Heavenly Kings. Micah’s power and status in the realm far surpassed his own.

“I will consider it,” Micah nodded. He didn’t say anything more.

“But’s been three years!” Ronin cried out.

“I said I will think about it, Ronin,” Micah said. The truth was, the authority to choose a heir still rested in him alone, it had nothing to do with the council. The council was...just something to keep both parties occupied in debates of make-believe control. He was still the utmost authority in everything, and Shea had always been ruled by virtue of strength, not who the council decided upon. Everyone knew it.


John Leon (CVU Character Profile)

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Portal Generation/Manipulation:-

John generates portals, entry and exit points simultaneously within any area of space as long as he can fathom it. These portals can be either used to accelerate or decelerate per the whims of he himself, as these portals can speed up and slow down matter caught inside of it. There are no fixed sizes or for the generated portals, but the amount of matter transference depends on his mental capacity. Generated portals are not static, as they can be moved as per the whims of Leon, and he can even physically handle them.

Force Resistance:-

When he moves through his portals, John Leon gains the active ability to resist any force of motion, including gravity for a temporary period of time.

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John Leon (CVU Character Introduction) - The Handsome Sheriff of Texas, the Weapon smith that Never Misses!

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The wild west, the wildest west.....

In a small town in the middle of nowhere, a gold mining town in the 70s, now hardly sees any people, almost a ghost town. Hot desert winds blew in, flapping old bar doors and windows that people were too lazy to close. Amidst playing cliche Wild West Music, a 6'3" tall handsome strode in on the back of a horse, wearing steel plated armor with glowing neon tubes along the ribs of the armor, a red cape around his shoulders and back, one bionic arm and a gun in his other hand. He had his cowboy hat lowered, hiding his eyes from view, his long hair fluttered in the wind as he strode in the back of his horse.

A star badge on his chest signified he was 'a sheriff', not sure if he was the sheriff of his town. He stopped the horse by the local bar and climbed down. The man had carefully strapped the horses reigns to a pole before walking in, using his bionic arm to push the door aside as he walked in, the handgun lowered, but ready all the same, and as if he expected confrontation.

The bar was all but empty except for its owner behind the counter. The sheriff walked on steady smooth slow steps, placing the gun back in its holster only as he climbed upon a stool, and leaned in over the counter, supporting his torso on his arms as his eyes gazed up at the owner of the bar.

"So they accepted my application, huh?" Of course. Texas was its own country. Who would even doubt that! Not our dear old sheriff. Her snatched the dusty document from the owner of the bar as he took a shot, before slowly walking out of the bar.

Onwards, to America! There were criminals who needed dying, and a partner who needed a meeting. Beware, Outlaws, for out of the Wildest of West walks someone whom all of you shall fear.