Strange Attractors

This is the first list I've made here, and it's gonna be some nice comic babes, but I decided I'd make this one some of the more unusual women from comics I've always loved, because otherwise this is just a list of b00bs in comics. More to come later? Enjoy.

List items

  • Chaotic? Psychotic? Way hotter in the New 52? Yes to all. Something about the unpredictability turns me on.

  • Green skin and super deadly? What's not to love? You won't be seeing any She-Hulks here because THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE and it's Gamora.

  • Nothing needs be said about this. She's hot in blue, or she can be anything you want.

  • Cute, quirky, immortal, kills everyone eventually. The complete package.

  • Reddish skin alien, kind of unusual. . . Shutup it's my list.

  • Cat Girl. Walks around naked all day.

  • Sometimes you just gotta let a lady tie you down and do what she wants. Unless it's poison related.

  • She's like the best woman ever.

  • First of many blue skinned ladies (not counting Mystique, she's a toss-up). Wings give her advantage.

  • She's from Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose. Full nudity.

  • Lady in Red . . .

  • Never been deterred by a cold shower.

  • Possibly the most sexual comic character ever created, she could not exist in anything that isn't hardcore. Also size manipulation small to regular compliments Giganta nicely.

  • I like dark, mysterious, and hard to get. And I totally respect a female character that shoots people while fully covered. Plus she's technically a mother . . . Of all sins! OHhhh /highfive

  • Probably needs an explanation, but there isn't one or it's super repressed.

  • The neck weirds me out a bit, but not enough to ruin the whole thing.