Pull List July 2014

I've been dead to ComicVine for a few months but not dead to comics, so here's what I've been reading.

List items

  • The past few issues of Invincible have been absolutely huge. Devastating impacts for the series.

  • Amazing series so far. Every issue is packed full of awesome.

  • Great new series with some fantastic art work and cool concepts.

  • If this book didn't have any words at all I'd still buy it for the art. Best interior art I've ever seen.

  • Couldn't find the right volume to tag. The current, ongoing Deadpool is what this is supposed to be.

    Hilarious and also kind of touching.

  • The initial premise of stealing a ghost is what first hooked me on this series but Williamson has moved it way past that at this point and it still continues to intrigue.

  • I love this book and I love Quantum and Woody. Part of me hopes The Delinquents will be a hit so I can have them all in one book and part of me wants two awesome separate stories each month. I guess we'll see.

  • See above

  • With the first arc all wrapped up we should be getting into some cool stuff as we learn about Dee's Cthulu-esque religious background.

  • You should already know this one. Zombies. Badass zombie killing. Negan.

  • Greeat book. You should be reading this.

  • Williamson killing it (pun intended) again with a new series featuring a serial killer with the creepiest killing ritual.

  • Awesome dystopian world coupled with Forever's talent for being a badass makes this book a definite read.

  • The future story arc is awesome. The Eternal Warrior's granddaughter is one of the coolest kids in comics.

  • The JLD team is back in Zatanna's hands and now features Nightmare Nurse and Swamp Thing (at least for now).

  • I was sad to see Animal Man go, but glad that he at least gets to continue kicking ass throughout the DC Universe. Especially with Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, and Star Girl written by Jeff Lemire. That's a win.

  • Some cool stuff is going down as Holland deals with the consequences of overthrowing the Green's Parliament.

  • Still the best GL title on shelves. I'm hoping for some Kyle and Carol romance. He deserves a relationship that doesn't end in the worst way possible.

  • The Death of a Renegade event didn't go quite as I expected. Looking forward to Harbinger Omega.

  • I stopped reading All New X-Men and switched to this. So far it's not wrapped up in the alternate time-line mutant war stuff, which makes it a nice change of pace.

  • Spider-Man 2099, or as he's often known, the coolest Spider-Man. I don't normally put things on pull until they're a few issues in, but this one has some promise.

  • I liked the old Suicide Squad so let's see where this goes.