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Artists With Unique Style

Here's a list of artists whose work is instantly recognizable.

In no particular order:

List items

  • I'm not a big fan of the "baby style" (chibi) stuff, but I do like his work on Rocket Raccoon. I think his style is a good fit for the book and definitely allows for some more cartoony moments.

  • Trillium, Sweet Tooth, and The Underwater Welder are all amazing books both visually and in terms of their stories. I love his writing, especially his work on Animal Man, but I think all his best books are the ones he illustrates because it so perfectly compliments his writing style.

  • A "controversial" artist because of his pornographic work. Whether you like him or his work, you have to admit that his art (most notably his cover art) draws attention for more than just how the characters pose.

  • The cover and interior artist of Supreme Blue Rose, whose surreal, dream-like art fits perfectly with Warren Ellis's bizarrely disjointed story.

  • He produces some amazingly detailed work both as a cover artist for many books, and interior artist for Rai, every page of which is gorgeous.

  • The artist and writer of Batman: Lil' Gotham, which is visually beautiful. The style and colors are perfect for the book.

  • As a big Deadman fan I have to say Jones does my least favorite version of DM of all time. He does a unique take on the characters he draws and sometimes it pays off, just not with DM, imo.

  • A little known, and even less correctly pronounced name in comics, he has done a lot of work for Top Cow, and is now working on his creator-owned series, Death Vigil, which is definitely worth picking up.

  • Does phenomenal work with panel and page structure, color choice (lots of contrast to highlight certain elements), and perspective.

  • Probably best known for his work on Kingdom Come, his "retro" style, his work always reminds me of a simpler time when people wore hats (not caps) and had well-groomed mustaches and pocket watches.

  • Artist, writer, and creator of Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose which he creates with his wife, Holly. His art really lends to the playful, rarely too-serious tone of the book.

  • His work on Clive Barker's Next Testament was the best part of the book. If not for his brilliant covers I would never have picked that book up in the first place.