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My real feelings on DBZ dont be confused by threads

Do I love DBZ? Not the way maybe most of you think cause I try to make points on DBZ on battle threads

I don't really like how most of the characters are written. With the exception of Vegeta. He actually is a three dimensional character where ever other one lacks depth.

I will think some are cool just due to their fighting ability. To be honest if they could move Vegeta to Marvel or DC and maybe just a couple of villians to fight like Cooler, Broly, or Cell (hey vegeta would need his Doomsdays to fight just like superman does)

To be honest I dont really care for the main character of the show Goku. Yeah he has few cool moves but he should have the most character depth in the show but it turns out he has one of the least.

In threads I dont care if i like the DBZ character I will say if I think they can win or not. If I make a DBZ argument I back it up with fact and consider in all the variables

Like for example you can say Halocause beats every DBZ guy. But then I will take in account many factors to say it just doesnt happen so easily. He has to have super reaction time, super speed to back up his movements, and be invunerable to people who are able to destroy planents and Galaxies. And also they have fought many power abosrbers before and won some who absorb stuff that I dont think Halocaust could.

I will say the same for Molecule Man (he actually has the power to kill them all for sure) but I still wheigh in those factors i have in bold to question how he could execute it for sure. But at the same time I wont say DBZ wins the battle. I will just think of it as undecided.

So Heart of Infinity who do you think can beat them for sure?

Well I know their is a good handfull of people who have a chance and another handfull of people who I will say I am not sure of but there are several people who I know who will kill them 100 percent of the time

Eternity- He is everywhere he is reality how could most he is the universal space and time itself how could you hurt him

Infinity Gauntlet (thanos, warlock, terrexia)- Infinity gauntlet users are even stronger then eternity

Someone with 5 cosmic cubes- yes this equivulants the gauntlet

Living Tribunal- He is even stronger then gauntlet or the 5 cube users

Thanos with Heart of the Universe- No one can beat him I am sorry. He destroyed the universe and remade it. He is basically has the powers that we would compare to how most see God himself

One Above all- We dont see him that much but he is basically god

Giant Spegehtti Mosnter- Comeone he just pwns eveyrone perion and taste good with sauce

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