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My infinity watch of badass mofos

My top seven most badass mofos

Space Gem - Silver Surfer: Can revert Hulk to bruce banner with just a zap. Can make black holes and is made of silver. He gets into my badass mofo hall of fame

Mind Gem - Thanos: Hes defeated everyone there is. Destroyed the universe. And when he looked at his still beating heart when it was ripped out of his chest and said "interesting" cant get more badass then that

And enclosing cyclops head in a indestrucable glass box when shooting optic blast and suffocating him to death is pricless

Soul Gem - Cosmic Spider-man: Spiderman has always been the man. But cosmic is even better. Punched Hulk into space and reverted back to bruce banner. Spiderman felt bad and save him before he suffocated.

Reality Gem - Itachi Uchiha: Graduated the ninja academy at 7 and became a chonin at age 10. Killed his entire clan. Can just stare at you to kill you. Definetly a badass

Time Gem - Dead Pool: Funniest man in comics i think. Shoryukening chicks for fun. You can chop his head off and he will still be alive talking shit to you. Hes an immortal ninja cant go wrong

Power Gem - Juggernaught: ....umm hes the juggernaught bitch!

Ego Gem - Vegeta: Vegeta is definetly one bad ass mofo. He destroyed countless planets. Liberated planet and made them think he was their hero and one fly up and space and blow them up after. Just his pride has even stopped the most powerful wizard from gaining control of his mind

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