Best Adaptations on Japan’s work

I possibly going make more enemies of people who want to keep things to the source, but it needs to be done. There some westernizing that we have to accept because it improves on them or it is not worth the effort changing. We need accept manga are just paperbacks that did not sell as single issues. Don’t worry I will give an explanation for each one. Heck, Dragonball Z is based of Chinese story called Warriors of the West.

List items

  • at this time there is already 651 Pokemon. Anyone who wants their original can simply put it in their nickname. It is not worth effort of putting the original names down. They have already been establish and the names fit them. I can type each one individually but you get my point.

  • In Japan he was originally to be a rock star with fangs and had a human girlfriend named Madonna. People want Sonic like he was in the beginning. Make sure you look at the past well. The SATAM series was a big improvement. Archie and Fleetway took notes and use to make it and it provide a far more interesting read than following the original. The silly slap stick series was more desirable even the manga change it as well from the source making him a teen super hero. Let this be evidence that change is a good thing.

  • I can accept Rock as his real name but when it time for action he be called Mega man. It also makes Mega man a mantle which connects with NT Warrior, Legends, ZX, and any other version of the Blue Bomber.

  • The name Eggman was nowhere intimidating compared to Robotnik. Archie had to make an excuse of by using a different one from another universe who was once called Robo-Robotnik. It still sounded like an insult with the name Eggman so they went with it. Note to self nominate robonik in the most confusing character list.

  • Known as Super Sentai it has made foundation in Mighty Morphine period and made the continuity stick since 1993. Even after that they stated the morphing power is still mystery in the beginning. Ninjas, aliens, time travel, dinosaurs, wizards, space travel and more are all connected together.

  • Road of Perdition is based on Lone Wolf and Cub. This movie has gotten high praise. It is no knock off this how adaption is done right. I have yet to read Lone Wolf and Cub so I can’t give a better description of it. I make effort to find it in my library so can give a better detail of difference, but the message is clear in the movie.

  • There is nothing wrong with the name Mighty Atom, but atom is already been use by DC's Atom. The name sounds more like kid friendly. It provides an innocent appeal.

  • Street fighter well known for the Vega, Balrog and M Bision fiasco The name Vega is the brightest star of the Libra constellation which would fit with mask wearing narcissistic psycho. A Balrog is a tall menacing demon which is appropriate for the intimidating boxer that has permanently injured his opponents when he fights. As for the name M. Bison the M could stand for something else like Master the way he fought was far more control and dominating in a fight than Akuma was.