Deep thought on the Turtles

I feel that one of the creators of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird, thinks of the failed despite it’s popularity. It is not the change of color on the headbands or change of a softer tone. The main reason it is the lesson of how wrong to have vengeance is that was missed. The fans from either are ready to lash out if they feel that their source is messed up. I am no different.

To Certain fans

It is not preference it is the way you act. It is not that hard to find a fan that makes you feel ashamed to be associated with. You possibly look in the mirror and ask if you are example of we can’t have nice things. Yeah turtles been thru a lot of changes as you can see from Turtles Forever, but that is part of the charm when you think about it. The current turtles, which is at this time 2013, are trying to mix 80s and the original comic along with adding the teen theme more and starting from the beginning.

One thing that angers me immensely is the denial the creators of the ninja turtles as the maker of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, because he does not like 80s version. Taking pride in that is wrong. Face the truth and appreciate 80s series of what it really is then you can get truly respected again without being patronized, mocked, psycho analyze because for the feeling desire important out weigh you ability to think reasonable and fear that arrogance may lead to a downfall.

Source fans and 2014 fans you heard what is aid before let me repeat the story of the turtles is how wrong vengeance is and there is also the lesson how death of even a villain can lead to consequences. Those wanting heroes to kill see that damage that could happen. That is a possibility is now scene so did that fan learn yet?

To the Creators

Let me apologize for myself. I like the 80s turtles, as well as the 2000 version and current turtles. I respect the original comics even thou I have not read that many of them due to difficulty finding them and to keep up. There was a time I was snob saying the 2000 turtles are better and the 80s one was the joke. I was also shallow not liking the appearance of the turtles in a trailer of the series. The 2000 treated me that I can take violent theme with dark tones and still able to learn from it because I am mature. The 80s series told me lighten up during the situation and try take thing in a level head no matter how ridiculous things can get or how typical in the strangeness. It is easy to forget those things.

One of The creators is having a hand at it but feels that he may be done for the turtles or comics in general and feeling very depress about it. Whether it is temporary or not I just want to congratulate him for his work, say I am sorry if I did anything wrong and say I humbly disagree of calling 80s cartoon series garbage even thou it failed the message the wanted to bring. As for the movie I am trying keep myself quit and have open mind even thou skeptical. Creators are known to not have work the way they wanted it. Allen Moore is a good example.

We are getting older but I hope we are all getting wiser maybe we need take some time think about it, because it took me a while.

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Gary and Blue/Green Oak Distinguish and Development

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The sequel from Ash and Red blog this is the Gary Oak and Blue/Green Oak. This is comparison of these two characters that are very similar. If you see the images from above and made mistake stating these two are the same character well this is what this blog was made. They both are suppose represent the rival character in the Pokémon Red and Blue games. This blog is to help distinguish them and perhaps rolling the ideas for the future.

Gary Oak

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Gary Oak he is well known for his cocky attitude and being step ahead. He has gained 10 badges and was willing to gain one more just to show how awesome he is. He is one of most well known characters in the animated series. He provided motivation to Ash to be better just cut his giant ego. Think about it. As characters go I thought he was done right. His development grew from being overly cocky to acknowledge that he can be bested and learn to be humble about it. His fight with Ash was done he leaved and followed the steps of his grandpa. The age of getting profession in that world is a lot sooner due to the limited life expiration expected.

Blue/Green Oak

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Blue or green, this conversation has been heard so many times before Blue follows the serious antagonist that we are well acquainted from several anime series. He was tough stoic with no nonsense. He has shown to be a tough trainer as he second place in the Pokémon league. May I remind everyone again that Pokémon league was rushed and no other characters were established other than the main ones. They were nameless character that get brushed off which is lower one hit wonders. Their tournament was not that tough. He also taught yellow to battle the elite four. I hope most of that training was off screen or missed a good portion of that training. He helped Red a lot because they know when to get their differences aside. He is level headed reasonable which is a rarity in Pokémon universe. Another to distinguish him from Gary is that his eyes are like color of his name. Must I remind everyone that Pokemon Adventures is a manga where it is mostly black and white but the cover?

The Talk of Following the Source

Pokemon Adventures Fan base Hypocrisy can easily scene when comparing these characters. People talked about the animated series not following game continuity as the does not follow it but Gary does follow game continuity. Green/Blue doesn't and you didn't whine about that. The rival character in the Red, Blue and Yellow, which also Fire Red and Leaf Green games suppose to one up the player. As I point this out I would give thought that you may have forgotten. As I make the thread of the game cannon I like give thought to stir for the previous blog. I am ok with deviating for new twist but acknowledge it.

Adaption Question

When there is going to be adaption with both these characters they have to be related since Professor oak is their grand pa. This will also ask the question who gets the little sister that is rumored that like either protagonist Ash or Red. She has not appeared in either animated series or pokemon adventures but has appeared in manga Electric Pikachu. Her name is Daisy Oak and there is little information about her. Hopefully if there is an adaption she gets more attention. However she will need to take massive change in her appearance she has younger than 10 but you couldn't tell from the image you see from. Yeah the Electric Tail Pikachu series is more preferable to get the edited version. I swear the next series should have characters look like their actual age and who are they trying to fool it is already hard enough to think you can get a master's degree at age 12.

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Ash and Red Details of Distinguish and for Development

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If you are looking at the pictures and ask what with the other ash or who is the other guy well that is one of the reasons I am doing this blog.The other reason I am doing this blog for whenever is that I am annoyed weak comparisons that have no idea what they are doing. I want to find the good and the bad so if series can be made with both of them. I want to figure out what it needs to be done. This is not a one up the other but to figure out what would be best for progress the franchise and would be betterment for both of both of them.

Ash Ketchum

Allot of people bash on this character and poor writing does not help since they feel the character does not learn and he is a total idiot. He is more sensible character. Yes he is stupid but he does learn and he pays for his mistakes. It was until later on of the series.

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It seems somewhere they lost what made special both the writers. This happens after long period of time, but it loses big point when a big moment on the character happens and is forgotten and they do not give an excuse for it. Many have stated that he overstayed his welcome. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and that is the reason you get a newbie. Many applaud the miniseries since it open the knowledge of the other characters. I think something to keep in mind is that a character cannot be the underdog forever if a long series is to be made believable. That character should go under the mistaken underdog. That mean newbie antagonists constantly underestimate him.

Many people whine that his Pokémon don’t evolve. The reason is that many of his Pokémon do not want to evolve and the series does not always have to follow game mechanics. I will talk about game mechanics later but I will explain why his Pokémon refuse to evolve. They have their reasons. Some of them have been abandoned. Others feel that evolving in order to become stronger feels shallow and disrespect of what they are now.


Where bad writing makes Ash an idiot, it makes Red into a bad ass. Red is a great trainer but he is little bit of a Mary Sue. He has a few weak stories as well including pokemon tournament. I must be only one who will ever say it. It was weak! I know they were rush for time but they establish pallet trainers always win. This takes away of it being a small town and making it secluded place where champions were raised. I prefer small town idea it make the other cities have a chance for when the tournament is made. It also belittles Red’s skill. This is what Pokémon adventures people gloat about him being champion but it was big fish in a small pond. Red is an intelligent fighter and the most competent trainer since he was the one the appeared Super Smash Bros. I would depict him like Leonardo from Teenage mutant ninja turtles.

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I fear anyone decides to do something different the fans would whine and this may be the reason he will not have an animated series. It is probably due to fans whining when there is a single flaw in him. Just look at what happen with Velma and Optimus Prime. Yes, I blame the fan base as for one of the reasons he is not having an animated series or any continuation. You so called admiration is to claim ff having a perfect character with no flaws. I hate that kind of thinking since you can’t take any criticism or question the greatness. You make your character shallow and not worth others attention. Here something to ask; how about Red wears a new outfit?


Pointing at more similar

When hearing the word counterpart putting character to fit alternate universe motif. Now looking at the animated series there was character I feel is more like Red, Richie. Richie is considered a Pallet Swap but he is smart and was able to deduct the method of how crime scene worked. Looking at the other episode it is possibility. Richie maybe insecure at times but still more similar to Red in character.


Saying saiyan power not the best

It is time to cause silence once again and cause some rethinking. Many of you are not going to like it but as usual it is time to face it.

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All this talk of Goku being super saiyen in order to be the most powerful, I wonder if any of you consider that super saiyen form is the not most powerful form Goku can be. That there was an opportunity to transcend and making requirement to be saiyen no longer required. This form makes ss4 and fan made super saiyin completely worthless. It is a form that was unpopular since there were no shiny changes but that was the point.

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The form is called Unlock Full Potential. In order to do this it requires The Ritual to bring full potential of any living being. It was in the Magin Buu arc. Remember old kai dance and holding his arms in that position in order to summon Gohan’s power. Gohan max power is not enough super saiyen but that was Gohan’s max. Goku max power will be far greater. Ancient Ritual done by a deity in order to summon maximum power.

The reason it’s not popular is that it has decorative tone in that power no changes in the hair or the eyes. This means no decorative no model toy to get. It means no glamorous artwork fan can make. No obvious show the form that people have grown custom and that is why they whine. I really want to rant but I try stay on topic. If the writer would have stayed the course and used it again on Goku, that would have been the conclusion. He would all powerful probably needed a better suit maintain his new power. Here is your marketing ploy. Goku get new wardrobe to maintain his new power

Edit you may most likely ask Gohan form is the strongest how come Goku is now stronger even not mention GT. It is simple it is Gohan. Just because Gohan has the most powerful form it does not mean it will not get weaker if he does not exercise. Remember from the Majin Buu arc Gohan super saiyan forms was weaker after the years due not keeping up his training. That means a routine training is need to maintain that strength.

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Furthermore Gohan is known for his hesitation. He hesitates either from fear or over confidence. That he can easily give his opponents the time to think or use anything ready for situations like that. the examples include Cell self-destruct or Majin buu absorbing gotecks.


Elise is Cannon

No wants to remember her but we have to. She is considered one of the most hated characters in the Sonic franchise for many reasons. The comics are obligated to add her to the series she would take effect later on. This means we have remake her profile.

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We faced the fact before in Sonic Generations as they reminded of 06 although was not that bad.

As they are free to change aspect from the source they allowed to make alter or retcon it nothing new my guess the would use Ixis magic to explain why everyone was out of character. I believe she would do it or the evil Ixis wizards like Ixis Naugus or Mammoth Mongul. Mamoth Mogul said he was betrayed in the future. so there is one clue but he is being senial. As you Mephelis is in the zone cop jail so he could have made some effect before he was arrested so there is there second plot device.

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The Life of a Gym Leader

Remember spinoff series Pokémon Chronicles that had so much potential. A few episodes had shown Misty taking care of her gym. Gym have to take care of their area and with the damage property a Pokémon battle can do that is allot of work. As they live in one place they are able to hold more than six Pokémon. Gym leaders are able other task. They are allowed to have other such as perfume shops owners, coordinators, archeologist and etc. A select few can be elite four. This advertises for gyms as well as the person. Anyone else feels interested on that idea of Pokémon franchise would have series for the gym leader/gym leaders or a game

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Varity of Namekians

It is hard to believe but all the praise Dragon Ball has gotten, there things that are forgotten. Things that dragon fan should have known but are so much in denial. The Dragon Ball showed that Namek can have different physical anatomy like being a gargoyle or bloated creature. One of the many changes that needed if Dragon Ball series were to have a proper reboot is that we see different variety of Namakians. Are Pikkon on or any lord slug minions considered namakians.

We let it slide in namek since they were by themselves so they could have many ideas, but there in other planets with Dragon Balls meaning there were other Namakians. This again is more evidence of Dragon Ball GT was bad continuation. This is something could have been more explored in a proper reboot for years later.


Rabbot no more

After being crystilized by Ixis Naugus magic, Bunnie was later gone fully organic either by Ixis Naugus' magic healing or most likely the chaos emeald he used. If anyone can find a picture of her organic in Sonic the hedgehog issue # 232 (the more preferred choice and Sonic Universe # 35. It is unknown if she be effect by NIDS like Buns Rabbot her alternate reality version. If she does have it she can be cured by Shadow DNA since he was made for that purpose.


harvy character treatment

If the question ever asks how under utilize a character and story can be I can simply point you to Harvey. Here is a good example when was Casper Shot that thought be dead by a hunter. The animal friends picked up Casper to go to the witch the gloated of how he killed casper. In their travel they met friendly lightning bolt which revived Casper by shocking him. When capser was revived he scared the witch and the hunter to stop them from hunting.

There was so many easy to be scene flaws in the story that it should have been in highlights magazines. If wonder who are the names of the animal friendly animals, the hunter with anti ghost, and living friendly lightning bolt it was never given. The witches name was mention once but have find it again. I saw it in this volume

This is not first time they use a dues ex machca like this. When Wendy was under spell of dancing shoes and casper is forced to fly at super speed by magic broom. They were saved a fairy that sweeps stardust that can grant selfless wishes.

If it were made by any other publisher they would made hunter and with who made ghost killing bullets infamous. Harveyvile have a bad habit on using the deus ex machinas. The living lightning bolt that able to talk was use only once and was never mention again. They had a story that would have made every pause but it did leave a single to moment to reflect. Never was death and revival more rushed than this. I couldn't tell if I should be considered a death.

As the characters ownership now been changed I think it is a vast improvement. They are underrated as the characters appear to be too childish but the bigger reason is they play it safe too much and made us care for the characters. you be surprise how Dark Casper is and I will reveal that in another blog.

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Project Deadly Cuddles

In issue 231 Eggman send out the Tails Doll to keep the Freedom Fighters busy. Right now Cream is holding it and she thinks it child toy dropped. Anybody wants to guess what it can do.

We are all aware of the internet meme of the tails doll. fans making it a hellspawn. Tails doll was use in the internet comic Sonic The Comic. It was under the disguise as well but they came mass produce.

In the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog it was drop along with Titan Metal Sonic in order to keep the Freedom Fighters busy.

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I will try to find a better image of him later

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