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Superheroes that do not have a movie but need one

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  • Not many people know about Spider-girl and a movie would be a perfect way to show how great spidergirl is. She would defenitly be a new role model for girls. It also would bring the spider-man fans in because she is his daughter. So, I think it appeals to a wide public. It would be a great spin off movie to the other spider-man movies.

  • This team is not like the Justice League or Avengers. They are orginal. They are teenagers and some younger. But, they are not like the Teen Titans either. They are running away from there parents because they are part of this evil group called The Pride. It is a book that no one has done before. There is also no movie out there like this either. It would be a great movie.

  • This is a great story about kids who get powers from an alien. It is not an original story becuase there is many people who have done it before but, in a different way. I think this would be a great movie.

  • This would be a great Sequel to the new avegers movie coming out soon. That way there is a new team but, the old team would be in the movie also. It is the best of both worlds.

  • This was a great mini series and I think this would be a great movie for Kitty Pryde and Wolverine. This could even be kind of a orgins movie for kitty pryde also.

  • I think this would be a great movie for kids who want to get into comics. It defently a good graphic novel for everybody. So it would also be a great movie for everybody. I think it would be a great hit.

  • This is such a famous team and surprised that it did not have a movie yet. They already had a cartoon that was a hit. So, I would pretict that a movie would be a hit also.