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Spider-Girl Friends

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  • The one who taught everything to Spider-girl and the one who knows what she is going through is Spider-man, her father. He never wanted her daughter to be spider-girl intill he saw how much power she had. Peter knew May was totally ready when she defeated Seth the Serpent God. She is now on her daughters side when ever she needs him. Also May is there when ever he needs her. That is the reason she is her number 1 friend.

  • Her mother is always a person who has her back even when she does not like her only daughter risking her life she still supports her. Even when she took her costume away she gave it back to her because Mary Jane knew if Spider-girl did not go and save people those people would die.

  • Normie and May were destined to kill each other becuase of the Goblin and spider war but, becuase of issue 27 they ended the war and became great friends. They have a big brother and little sister realtionship and normie would do anything to protect May.

  • Even though he can not speak yet you can see that this brother and sister relationship is going to be stuff of legends.

  • Darkdevil was the person who pushed May to become the hero she is today. He always said she was not good enough but, that was only to push her to become better. Darkdevil is actually May's half brother or cousin how ever you would like to look at the situation of him being the son of Ben Riely. Darkdevil looks up to may as a hero now. He said in Spectaculer Spider-Girl issue 7 " Spider-girl...May... You've become the hero the rest of us aspire to be." They are great friends and they always push each other to be the best they can.

  • He may of been one of Peter's worst enemies but, he is one of May's closest friends. Kaine saved May when she was a baby from the evil Green Goblin. He now is kind of part of May's team that includes Darkdevil and himself.

  • Phil Urich is one of peter parker's and may's best friends. He works with peter in the crime lab and he was the first person to believe that May could be Spider-girl. He trained her and he is one of the peope that made May into a great hero. They are so close May calls him her Unlce Phil.

  • They became friends when they wer young and still close friends. She is head strong and always gives her opinion but she is a trustworthry friend to May. There is always hints that she knows May's secret of being Spider-Girl and if she does know that shows how trust worthy she is that she will not even tell May she knows.

  • A Geek at heart but, still has a football player as a boyfriend and she is the kind one out of everyone. She does not know May's secret but, she always helps May out when she needs her. Even though May is not always there. She is very understandable and never questions May like Davida does sometimes.

  • He is Courtney's boyfriends and sometimes seems he is the bully especially in the beginning issues of Spider-girl but in the inside every one sees him as a big teddy bear. May became very close to him when moose needed someone to talk to when he found out his father had cancer. After that event their friendship had gotten closer and jimmy Yama even expected that Moose was cheating with courtney with May.

  • One of the few people that know May's secret and the only person that goes to school with May that knows her secret of being Spider-girl. For a few issues she became the Scarlet Spider to help May but, in the end it blew in her face. But Felicity still helps time to time when May needs help and Felicity helps by researching or hacking stuff on the computer for her.

  • A love intrest of May and a artist for Spider-girl comics. (Ironic) He is a good friend of May's but not totally trust worthy enough to know her secret. Becuase suspects he knows her secret but, just has not said anything yet.

  • Another superhero team in the MC2 universe. This team is another version of the fantastic Four. Everyone on the team knows who May is becuase they know who Peter is. May and the family sometimes drops in at the Fantastic five mansion that shows how great friends they are.

  • A team in the MC2 Universe. This team is the Avengers in the MC2 Universe. May is part of this time but not a perminet member but the team mates have each others backs when they need each other.

  • He is the grandson of J Jonah. He is a student a midtown and he is a superhero. He does not like Spider-girl that much but, they are team meates on the team called The Warrior. But he is very good friends with May and he always wanted to be more.

  • Part of the Warriors and is one of May's friends as a Superhero but, does not know her sercret idenity even though May knows hers and her sisters idenity because they share an idenitity. They are usually Spider-Girl's sparing partners to help them have their A game on.

  • She was a villan intill Spider-girl made her a hero and Raptor will never forget it. So, Raptor defenitly owes her life to Spider-girl.

  • One of May's friends at school and also he is the writer of Spidergirl comics.

  • They went out once at Normie's engagement party but, the relationship never went any where but, still stayed friends.

  • A mutant that was discovered because of Davida. She became part of the X-people and still at time to time sees May or Spider-girl

  • April is may's clone and is suppose to be closer then a sister to May but she is not trustworthy. So I put her on the bottom of the list because she can be one of May's Best friends or one of her worst enemies she ever faced in her career as Spider-girl.