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Best Woman Superheroes

There are many Woman Superheroes in comics and in my opinion these are the best.

List items

  • She has to own up to the Legacy of Spiderman and still have a social life she is definitely the best woman superhero in comics

  • The youngest x men and definitely a great fighter especially after her encounter with the devil him self.

  • Use to be a great hero on foot as Batgirl and now an even greater hero in a wheelchair.

  • She was great as the Spoiler and she is great as the new batgirl in Gotham.

  • She has the best of both worlds as she is the She-Hulk and a lawyer all at the same time. Jen Walters is a double threat.

  • She is a great hero with the power of being invisible and making force fields and she has to be the only woman on the fantastic four.

  • She is great at being the amazon princess.