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Best Mutants


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  • She might not have the best power but she defently is the best superhero because of hoe she deals with situations

  • Princess powerful might look small but she defently packs a greta punch.

  • I love that she has a career and she can still use her powers to boost up her fame.

  • Might only be a mutant in The Ultimate Universe but I loved how she was scared of Mutants and then become one herself.

  • He can pretty much beat up anyone and he can never die (at least sometimes)

  • I love his relationship with Kitty Pryde and who does not like a big metal russian guy.

  • She is a great low powered telepath and her story was great when everyone found out she was a mutant.

  • I love her power and how she can have anyones power but I do feel bad that she has to cover herself that way she does not hurt people.

  • I love his power and I love him in Ultimate Spiderman.