Bacon, red bull and a fleet wood Mac box set. I like to go fast and hard.

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All New X Men Volume 1 0

For me it was a hit and miss. I really found the time traveled Jean a bit lame. Indeed she had to find out what happens in the future and i felt like i was being pulled threw the mud again. But it was old news too me but new to the young jean. So in away i enjoyed rereading Jean 's past in the span of afew bubbles and panels. I really hope Magneto 's part picks up. So far i fill he has been soft....

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Uncanny X Men Volume 1 0

Great ? Loved it ! I have read it twice. I will be adding the othet volumes soon. I can't recommend this enough ! I have not really read much X Men. I think the last time i picked up a X men book was...well i'm not for sure really. Check it out ! But i have a few negative things. The end of the uncanny issues was followed by some awful New Mutants issue and some Nightcrawler issues which o skipped. Other then that i again really enjoyed this trade....

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The Fall of The Mutants. Volume one. 0

I bought this large volume this past week. I planned on treating myself to what i have missed in my youth. I had thoughts of rich character interaction, day dreams of deep and meaningful writing, plot twist that would have me flipping back pages and rereading ! I was let down...i found this volume to be a large book of filler and indeed a waste of time. The first issue in this trade we find Storm looking for Forge. Storm traveled back to Dallas Texas seeking help from Forge even after he b...

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Great but... 0

I love Deadpool. I have been on the DP train since 2004. I dont have a negative thing to say about this book other then its over priced as a collectors item. I do have a copy, Cgc 9.2 and i fell rather guilty for buying it. Other thoughts i like how deadpool vs x force lead to this book....

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If only I could go back in time and not waste my time 0

Deadpool, time travel, and chimichangas and a side of Hitler. I really enjoyed the art and I have always liked warpath. I can recall having the action figure as a child. I'm only giving this four stars due to the fact my sense of humor is much on the same wave as wade's . The ending of four is awesome. But truly this is two -three star book. A fun read but the T rated really sucked. I think this should have been a little more edgy....

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