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Tech Files: Iaculum

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Welcome <Hawkshade>

Access file: <Iaculum Design Notes>

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Notes: 2/22/2019

Found mothers arrows Counted one hundred and fifty nine. Thirty two were explosive arrows; disassembly revealed carbon fiber shaft, synthetic fletching, electronic detonator and semtex warhead. Semtex appears home made. Chemical signature indicates it was mixed from household ingredients. Electronic detonator appears to be built from over-the-counter circuit board and carbon fiber shaft is commercial model available at any big box retailer.

Notes: 2/28/2019

Experimented with bow. Quiver is too bulky and arrows prone to falling out during parkour or gymnastic routine. Bow takes up entire hand, useless if string cut, also bulky. Range and power are excellent but firing rate also too slow.

Notes: 3/4/2019

Electroshock arrow disassembled. Same haft and fletching as explosive arrow. Head appears to be built from components taken from a Hornet Mini™ Tazer and homemade parts of unknown origin. Suspect Arrachtach design; check notes.

Notes: 3/10/2019

Reassemble trick arrow-heads into throwing weapon? Feasible?

Notes: 3/12/2019

Electrocuted self. Replace solder gun.

Notes: 3/14/2019

Boomerang based design. Aerodynamic. Control over flight characteristics. Space for internal components.

Notes: 3/16/2019

Remote detonation a persistent problem. Have triple checked circuits and wiring. Ask Tessa.

Notes: 3/17/2019

Detonation problems solved. Buy chocolate for Tessa. She prefers dark.

Notes: 3/20/2019

Types completed: cutting, flash-bang, explosive, electroshock, gas, smoke. Sonic and tranquilizer injection still in prototype stage. Named Iaculum.

Types and Characteristics

Universal Characteristics:

  • All Iaculum are boomerang shaped and aerodynamically optimized to allow Hawkshade to curve them around corners, obstacles and even back to his hand.
  • All devices can be triggered by impact, signal from his cowl or by timer. Devices that can be turned on can also be turned off by signal from his cowl.
Iaculum: Cutting/piercing
The simplest but most versatile weapon in Hawkshade's arsenal. Made from bars of tungstan alloyed steel that Arrachtach left behind when his mother abandoned her hideout the blades are relatively heavy, which decreases their range but increases their penetrative power. Blade geometry, heat treatment and synthetic diamond sharpening process make the edge sharp enough to shave with and combined with Richard's physical size, technique and strength he can throw the Iaculum at around a hundred miles per hour, imparting enough force to penetrate several inches into iron.
Iaculum: Stun
Non-lethal dual-charge explosive device inside an aerodynamic black frame dotted with cutouts for the light and sound to escape. The device does not disintegrate upon detonation to avoid dangerous fragments. When the ammonium nitrate charge explodes it produces 180 decibels of sound. The second charge is a deflagrating pyrotechnic with a yield of six million candela. The sound from the explosion causes thirteen seconds of deafness and fifteen minutes of sever tinnitus while the shockwave disrupts the fluid in the inner ear, resulting in total loss of balance for seven seconds. Six million candela is bright enough to activate every photoreceptor in the eye. This causes instant blindness for nine seconds and afterimages that persist for fifteen minutes.
Iaculum: Gas
The active ingredient is a chemical named orthochlorobenzalmalononitrile, or CS for short. It is stored as a powder and mixed with colloidal silica and hexamethyldisilizane inside the boomerang shaped black fiberglass. A thermite charge incerates the powder which is expelled at high speeds as the thermite simultaneously ruptures a canister of compressed air. This disperses the CS gas throughout a large area almost instantly. CS gas causes coughing, nausea, tears and mucus and severe burning in the eyes, mouth and throat. Colloidal silica and hexamethyldisilzane make the gas resistant to water degradation; so much so that the gas remains in the eyes through long periods of tearing and remain in the esophagus through long periods of vomiting. This doubles the period of incapacitation and makes water an ineffective treatment.
Iaculum: Explosive
Aerodynamically molded from a plastic that incerates at high temperatures to avoid potentially lethal fragmentation and cored with home made semtex plastic explosive. The shock wave is still powerful enough to kill within two meters. When detonated under water the kill radius is ten meters. Hawkshade does not use these carelessly. They are deployed against superhuman enemies, enemies with significant armor, vehicles and structures that he wishes to destroy. When they are used against ordinary humans he detonates them at a range that will not cause fatalities.
Iaculum: Smoke
White phosphorus mixed with black dye and on-board circuitry makes up the core. The body is made from vented tungsten carbide because it will not melt as the white phosphorus burns. White phosphorus burns quickly, producing a cloud of black smoke (due to the dye) characterized by explosive expansion. This creates concealment almost instantly as the black smoke is virtually opaque.
Iaculum: Electroshock
At each end of the boomerang shaped device are two short sharp prongs surrounded by a gel adhesive. Prongs penetrate any protective garment, such as a thick jacket, non-conductive costume or light body armor and the gel adhesive holds the device fast. The human body uses electrical impulses to control the skeletal muscle system. The device delivers 20 to 40 milliamps of current repeatedly in pulses to incapacitate the target. This continues for a predetermined period, until a signal from his cowl deactivates it, or until the battery is drained which can take up to seven minutes depending on the milliamp setting.

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