Marvel Red Lantern Corps

Based on an idea by Gambit1024, I have decided to create a list as I was quite happy with my additions, so here is my Marvel version of the Red Lantern Corps.

List items

  • I always choose Jocasta but she has does have a lot of rage from over the years thanks to Ultron and feeling excluded, I reckon she could crack. She would be the leader because her robotic intelligence would stay intact and then she would start recruiting...

  • I know nearly nothing about her but she seems perfect for this role.

  • She has another breakdown but instead transforms into a Red Lantern saving her from destroying everything.

  • Similar to Wanda, Jean is inhabited by the Phoenix Force and the overwhelming rage transforms her.... Imagine Red Lantern Phoenix 0______________0

  • A very angry girl in general, she snaps and transforms.

  • ANOTHER frustrated girl, perhaps due to Norman Osborn her rage floods.

  • The only male (unintentional) of the team. After losing his daughter after he returned from the dead, his overwhelming rage turns him.