Marvel Birds of Prey

A list of female characters I would have in a Marvel Birds of Prey Team. May change as more thought is applied to the concept.

It is also sort of a MASSIVE dream of mine as opposed to something that would actually compliment each other. Suggestions and your own teams would be interesting.

List items

  • Wasp, now returned from death will take the position as team leader. As she was always quite a feminist and fan of Women in superhero teams (read Avengers #221), she tries her hardest to unite this group of women.

  • Jocasta would have the role of Oracle. She would run the base and handle the computers and the system. However, she would be fully able to go into Battle at any given time.

  • Greer would be a major player on the BoP. Being the most ferocious of the team, and perhaps being bit darker than she is currently.

  • Kitty Pryde would be the young one of the team. She would be the one having problems with any violence. Perhaps not the best character suited for the BoP, but it would give her a chance to grow in a different scenario amongst new characters. She would also be in a costume similar to her 'Shadowcat' persona.

  • Mockingbird, bringing the 'Bird' to the 'Birds of Prey'. Mockingbird is somewhat of a comic relief character. She is also a skilled melee fighter.

  • Another X-Woman, Rogue would provide some more power to the team. Being able to absorb baddies powers, she would be more effective against powered foes, as well s being a skilled H2H Fighter.

  • Mystique would fit nicely onto a Birds of Prey team. Standing up for what she believes in, and bringing new aspects to the team with her power.

  • Finishing the team would be Psylocke. A Psychic, and ninja-like warrior, she would be the prefect character to tie the team together.