The real Community 'Starr', and a Very Merry Birthday too

Here on the Vine, there are many amazing individuals. We frequently see artists, comic enthuists, collectors, and all other possible variations that thrive off the the industry. However, it's not everyday that you meet and have conversations with someone so grand that they have created Comic Books themselves, working with famous creators like Alan Moore, Bob Burden and Brian Michael Bendis.

Roxanne Starr, originally born in Paris, France, immigrated to America as a wee lass. She grew up in New York City, before moving to Atlanta, Georgia. This is where her career as a letterer began. She has produced work for Caliber, Dark Horse, and Image, on such publications as Negative Burn, The Flaming Carrot, and Jinx respectively.

Roxanne herself.
Roxanne herself.

As well as her career as a Letterer, Roxanne frquents many other styles of art and expressions of imagination, and has many unseen talents:

This is an ink drawing Roxanne drew for me of Miss Piggy. My jaw dropped.
This is an ink drawing Roxanne drew for me of Miss Piggy. My jaw dropped.
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And of course, Roxanne's extensive work with graphic design which helps her create her Pulps. Here is an obvious edit by Roxanne:

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

More of her digital art:

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Roxanne has stayed adamant that she never wanted to win the community star award, despite all she has done on Comic Vine. Things like her 9.675 Wiki Points, 8,246 Forum posts, the creation and running of the Pulp Fiction Thread, here, which had over 500 pages of forum activity, as well as it's newfound succesor, here. She has also produced 15 reviews, here, and shared herself as well as her magnificent stories, ramblings and jokes with the users here. Regardless, her view was that it was a popularity contest, which only makes sense because Roxanne is one hell-of-a popular gal.

Here are some messages from some of Roxanne's associates here, to show you how loved and appreciated she really is:


I'd like to say that Roxanne Starr has one of the warmest personas of anyone I have met on the Vine. Although we have never met in person I suspect if we did I'd find her to be just as charming and talented as we all imagine. The woman is an unsung hero here, the Vine is a richer tapestry thanks to her many constant and ongoing contributions. Also she has a dog who is quite viscous and thus I hold her in high regard at all times.

The Poet:

Through my few interactions with Roxanne Starr, I have to say she is a very nice, talented person. She has wonderful sense of humor (exhibited by most of her forum posts). I love looking in on the Pulp fiction games, because I know I will have many a laugh because of comments and covers made by her and the others. She is a very wonderful artist and a cool person.
I might add that she says, "I'm just a lowly human with no Super Life" on her profile page, but based on the responses given for this project and the number of people who know her and appreciate her, I must say that statement is untrue.


I've learned more about the comic industry in the past year than I have my whole life since meeting Roxanne. She's a wonderful friend and a source of inspiration and ideas when you need them. She's honest and tells you like it is, which means the world to me in a friend. Truly, To know her is to love her. :)


Although I've only had a few chances to chat with Roxanne Starr she was so nice and helpful that she stands out among the users here on CV. Also I love pursuing the pulp fiction threads that she has created.


CV never ceases to amaze me. Ever since my first appearance here I've met countless remarkable individuals, and something seems to draw them to this one place. Among the countless minds of CV one of the most intriguing persons I have been so lucky to cross paths with is none other than Roxy a.k.a. Roxanne Starr. Since I'm new to the "game" Roxy and mine paths cross in a somewhat sporadic manner, but ever since the first time I knew that Roxy was special. Roxy is a creative genius in ever sense of the word. In the Pulp Fiction Game Forums - which are her own creation - she takes the words and ideas of various users have for possible covers and breathes life into the ideas. When I saw what she has done with my own ideas I knew right away that I had met a mind unlike any other. The way she makes covers come to life is phenomenal.
All that creative genius is not the only thing that defines Roxy. She's a friendly individual and loves to cut up with others. Never seems to take anything too seriously, and in her case that is a good thing. You can't be upset around Roxy for very long, and if you're in a conversation with her, you better be on your toes, because she is fun and zany, so if you're not alert she will trip you up in a heartbeat. There is only so much I can write here about my wonderful neighboring state gal, but everything I have described to you is all part of the wonderful Cocktail that is Roxanne Starr.


Oh my - what can I write about my sassy, southern friend?
First off, she welcomed me into CV with open arms, taught me early to never hold back on my opinions and since day one, refused to allow me to take life seriously. She calls it like it is - unapologetic - and holy heck, this woman not only has common sense, but also one of the most honest takes on life (and people) I have ever come across. When Roxanne Starr has something to say, take notice and learn. In fact, there is so much depth to be found in this amazing individual and one of the things I truly enjoy on CV is getting to interact with her. Add to that her contributions to the comic world? I am in awe.
This lovely lady encouraged me to participate in her Pulp Thread, refused to accept my initial shyness (if you look at my recent contributions, you can see that shyness has been obliterated) and always, ALWAYS stuns me with her talent and immense knowledge. She makes me smile, she makes me think, and she makes me grateful I was lucky enough to meet up with such a life-loving, talent-sharing, encouraging, warm and fiery person.
Merci, Roxanne! Je t'aime beaucoup, mon amie.

M.S. Feather:

One of my favorite online acquaintances and certainly one the most entertaining. She's lent her amazing talents to fellow Viner's comics and of course her own baby, the Pulp Fiction Thread, which has consistently remained one of the most unique and hilarious threads on any comic board. Frequent tales of bizarre customers and industry friends keeps me in stitches and I marvel at the amount of interesting life experiences she's had. I respect her and all she's accomplished and am thankful for all the kindness and support she's shown me.
Much love for my pal, Roxy. : )


Roxanne, Roxanne. I want to be you man. Well not really, but the sentiment is legit.
Roxanne Starr is just that. She is Roxanne and she is a "Star". Not a star in the way of over exposed personality, which is also known as a celebrity. Roxanne is a Star because of how she shines in the comic community. She shines from her peers being a female pioneer when we look at her contributions to comic lettering. She shines in comicvine as an entertainment staple, with her art related projects such as the "pulp game thread" and other fun threads she has created. She has shined in my life personally being the first real professional to give me confidence in my ability as a wordsmith. This confidence comes with a price and that price is friendship. I trust her to be honest with me, not just in my written word, but trust in her mentor status of life. She is wise and has given me great advice from how to approach Samsara (Life). She is honest when it is about me asking about the love of my life to how hard it is to really live as a creative person. I owe her so much more then this post, I own her genuine friendship. Roxanne Starr is one of my favorite people on comicvine because she is a real person. I've not met her in person, but I feel I know her in real person. I thank her for everything she has given me, from rare Alan Moore related things to those personal tips in life that help shift my current direction and overall course. I have nothing but good things to say about her, because I got nothing but love for her. On a lighter note, I named a character in a graphic novel I am writing after her. Also one of the greatest and daunting honors bestowed to me was the request to draft her official wikipedia page. My admiration for her scares me on what to write, because I want to personalize my love for that lady, when I really need to keep it professional. I guess my sentiment will rest here. Hopefully the next written thing for Roxanne that I create will be a Wiki fit for one of the brightest stars to shine in my lonely life as a writer.
May the Gods smile on her everyday of her life.
- Kevin "Silkcuts" Gorospe


I like Roxanne. She is one of the few people I consider a friend yet have never met. Roxanne is a genuinely good person and she has an uncanny ability to remain cheerful in nearly any situation. She also has great ideas for forum games.


Every site should have a Roxanne Starr. I remember when I first started posting she was warm and welcoming, kind and friendly, to me a new person, and just made the site a more welcoming place to be, complete with much hilarity as provided by her Pulp thread. Also Snow Covers thread. Sites need posters that stand out from the rest, distinguished by their personality, who are smart, and opinionated, unapologetically real and refreshingly sincere and that's Roxanne to me. She's as cool as any comic book character, and her stories and banter consist of the best mix of warmth, humor, sass and cheekiness. Thank you for being so kind not just to me Roxanne, but to so many others as well. Thank you for being you.


Roxanne, you are a staple for this webiste. Without you here, a massive, gaping hole would be left. Your bashful, exuberant nature cheers me up in my worst moments, when you're sad, I'm sad for you, when you're angry, I'm furious. I hope everything continues to go well, and can't wait until you join me here in Australia! :P ;)

Among other things, today is Roxanne's Birthday. Please join in with the rest of us to wish her a good day, year, and many more after them!

Hip-Hip, Hoorah!!

Roxanne's Wikipedia Page

Roxanne's Profile

Roxanne Starr is a Real Person!

Roxanne's Dog, Velcro:


Robot Sex and My Love for Jocasta

This is a blog I have been thinking about for a little while. There are two main things I want to go over here, but really the topic is larger than that.

To begin, one of my favourite characters Jocasta has recently become even more appealing than she used to be. Now, I am not exactly sure why I have become so 'addicted' to this character, but she is readily my 3rd favourite as of late (pushing Wonder Woman down a notch).

A wise friend of mine has said that it is perhaps that, as she is a Android, and happens to look so.. 'Inhuman' and robotic, and yet she manages to be so compassionate and caring.

This got me thinking some more about the way Robot's, Androids and Synthetic Humans are portrayed in comics. Another Example is another Marvel classic, the Vision. Now, The Vision is much more well known to the comic world. He has been a necessity to the Avengers for a long time. In the beginning, when I first began reading comics, I started off with these older Avenger Comics. Now, The Vision was never too appealing, being this Android that seemed quite cold. However, I sooner found that the Vision is something far from that.

This leads me to another epiphany. It seems as if I have a 'thing' for somewhat 'uncoventional' characters. Saying his, nearly ALL characters have their own quirks, but.... For example, similar fitting to the Vision, Wonder Woman was often portrayed as a 'colder' character. Not understanding humanity to the same degree as another character, and yet, Diana seemingly cares more for the average Human than any other hero...

Back to the point though, a character like Jocasta completely fascinates me. Created as a bride for one evil robot, using the mind of yet another one of my favourite characters, Jocasta shows some amazing charactorial qualities that contrast brilliantly with her stark Steel body and odd form.

A great example of this for me was in Marvel Zombies 3. Jocasta takes her orders to let NO zombies through to a teleportation room. Jocasta, being a stiff for instructions says "Yes sir" and seemingly seals the door with her laser-powered eyes. No sooner does she do this than a couple of good-guy soldiers start rappa-tap-tapping at yon chamber door. Jocasta begins to evaluate herself. Does she open the door? Defy her orders? Or does she leave them out to be snacked on. The Jocasta I know and love opened that Darn door, and my heart melted. Not only did she rescue these soldiers, but she managed to rip the door off it's hinges and mow down those Darn Zombies.

This was a marginal moment for her character; in my opinion. It showed her real personality and made me fall in love with her. I can only commend Van Lente on his writing there.

To continue with the point, Jocasta was shown in a 'human light' even more consistently through out the story. She and her past love managed to reunite within this story too. Suddenly, I did not just see the Strong-Hearted; Metallic Jocasta, but also the love sick teenager. It made me really appreciate her. Not only that, but, getting to the SECOND point of this blog, Machine Man hinted at some Robot Sex. Now, not to take this far from the weep-worthy and appreciative praising points and all, but I was thoroughly amused by the concept of Robot Sex...

And on that degree, it showed me not only how much of a strong female character that she is. Not simply iron-clad and ass-kicking, but humorous, caring and beautiful in more than one way.


Taboo in Comics.

So here is yet another blog about sex in comics... I am sure everyone is sick of them, I get it. I just wanted to outline some problems I find with everyone getting so worked up...

So, a lot of people are angry with DC with their recent releases. This is because certain characters like Catwoman and Starfire were apparently represented badly. I won't keep outlining what was shown, most people have probably seen many many scans on the subject. What I am curious about is WHY it is such a major issue?

There are a few things we don't like 'kids' viewing. Sex and Violence are the two big ones. Then you have drug use, and some other themes. Regarding Comics, it seems that there is a seriously warped ratio.

Now, I am a fan of Superhero comics. That is not to say that I don't enjoy so called 'indy' comics as well, I just don't read the all to often. What I do like reading about is, not only the Superhero side of things, but also their personal lives. Now, with Superheros, there main purpose is to fight... They fight bad guys, generally, psychically. This is because fighting is the last option. Why? I would say that usually the Villains can't really be talked to, in the sense that they refuse to change their opinion. That all makes sense. Because of this, we see many many many 'bad guys' pay the price. We see people get thrown around, blooding squirting, and no-one charges into the forums on their white horse screaming about this extreme violence.

How about the book Daken for instance. Now, I have enjoyed the few issues of this I have read. That being said, there is extreme violence and brutality, as well as drug use. I haven't seen many complaints about that. SO, why does everyone seem to care about sexual connotations in comics, when violence is fine? That is a question for you out there.

On reflection however, Superhero comics have always been about the fight. The screaming villain getting his butt-kicked. As of late, the comics have become even more graphic and detailed. I get that violence is a must in comics. What I do like however is when remorse is shown. In Avengers Academy, a girl named Veil rescues a mother. Suddenly, a Nazi robot slaughters her in front of her daughter. Veil's angers comes to a boiling point, and she kills the men. Her teammate Mettle also accidentally kills someone. These character FELT bad about what they were doing, or what they had done. Then there was their teacher, Tigra. She came to TEARS because she had to make these children enter battle, WAR. They had to take that ultimate responsibility. They fought to save people. Seeing these feeling in a book is refreshing, compared to the usual 'shoot first, question later' attitude that is never questioned itself. Apparently, many hero's find it fine to jump into a situation and not actually think about what is happening. I think this is where a writer's capabilities can really be tested.

Defending sex, I am also not saying that violence, or 'killing' in comics is bad. Often, vilolence is necessary. When words cannot be used, the only way to stop the bad guy is to Knock Them out. Sometimes to the extreme, kill them. The major problems are that not only do the characters often not care, but the readers don't either. A fundamental about Batman's character is that he refuses to KILL the Joker. he won't do it. To me, I find this interesting. If I were the bat, I would probably have ended the Joker... Why? because he kills so many.

In the end, it always comes down to te readers perception. In my opinion, Catwoman was acting completely in character. Through her older exploits, it made complete sense. I cannot speak for Starfire too much. Nevertheless, I am still confused with why people are so angry? Is it because it's not in her character. News to everyone stuck in the past, this was the point of the reboot. To not only re-launch the books, but to freshen up the characters. Saying they are not acting in character is not a reasonable argument. Maybe you're anger is with the sex in general? Doesn't matter who it is, it just shouldn't be there? Then I challenge you to answer why Batman isn't in the same light. Selena may have come onto him, but he went with it, and he liked it. That leads me to the last point? Is it because it is the women shown in this limelight. because they are the ones initialising sex? To me, that sounds like empowerment. I mean, to have complete control over not only male characters, but male readers?

Personally, I don't really understand the hub-bub concerning all of this, but maybe your opinions can change? Please Comment if willing!


What about the other books?

So Comic Vine keeps messing up my opening.. 
Basically, with the new Regenesis, 6 books have been named to be split between the Gold and Blue X-Men teams. 
Uncanny X-Men 
Generation Hope 
Wolverine and the X-Men 
Uncanny X-Force 
X-Men Legacy 

What will happen to the other X-Books, namely X-Factor, New Mutants, and Astonishing X-Men?


DC reboot books I should be Getting

Most of these are definite. A friend of mine is getting a lot of the others, so together we can see what's good! 

Action Comics 
Detective Comics 
Justice League Dark 
Wonder Woman 
Birds Of Prey 
Red Lanterns 
Animal Man 
Hawk and Dove 
Maybe JLI and JLA  

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The Amazing X-List

So, this isn't really "a blog." I am not so much expressing my feelings, as recording them. This is too "big" to be a list so instead I am using the Blog feature. Here I will list volumes with certain issues that I hope to collect, and ordered them in priority (regarding X-Men). They are splits into sections, or "Ages." Any suggestions would be helpful!

The Amazing X-List

Uncanny X-Men #161-???

New Mutants #1-100

X-Factor #1-149

Excalibur #1-125

X-Men #1-113

X-Force #1-129

X-Statix #1-26

Mutants X #1-32

Generation X #1-75

Cable #1-107   

The Beginning - Golden

Uncanny X-Men #1-160 

The "New Mutants" Age - Silver

Uncanny X-Men #161-280

New Mutants #1-100

X-Factor #1-70

Excalibur #1-41   

The "90's Conquest" Age - Bronze

 Uncanny X-Men #281-394

X-Force #1-115

X-Factor #71-149

Mutants X #1-32

Excalibur #42-125

X-Men #1-113

Generation X #1-75

Cable #1-107   

The "Modern Era" - Copper

Uncanny X-Men #395-?? 
X-Force #116-129

X-Statix #1-26

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My entry into Xerox-Kitty's New Contest - Avengers #226

No Caption Provided

The one most important piece of memorabilia is my Avengers #226! This was the first comic book I had ever read, but not bought. It has a thick history throughout my childhood. It was also the key that opened the door into my comic book universe.

In my room I had a whole heap of books from my sister. These books ranged from fairy tales and nursery rhymes to advanced physic's textbooks. But in the midst of these books there was a single item, a comic book, Avengers #226. This issue found its way to me during an odd time, I was searching through one of the bigger textbooks, and inside the cover was this comic in question. I took it out, and it amazed me. I instantly began to read it, marveling at characters such as Hawkeye, the Wasp and the Black Knight. Unfortunately I was but a mere child, and I knew nothing of comic books, so it remained my one and only for the time being. Though being the worst quality of nearly all my comic books, it is my most special, and by far one of my most important.    

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Why can't they cut her some slack...! (Contains Spoilers)

Kitty Pryde, "Pryde of the X-Men" can't seem to catch a break. I mean she got shot into space inside a giant Bullet (still getting over that) and now, in Age of X, (not cannon) she is titled "unstable" and put into prison by her own kind. So we don't know the whole story, but it annoys me that some characters are always used, in some aspect. Which other characters can you think of that could be used more creatively, or be in the spotlight more without being used as a plot device. Does it annoy you when they are used incorrectly?


My Frenemy the Time Zones.

So I have always hated the Timezone difference between Countries, having things happen while I am asleep, but then I thought "Things don't just happen while I am asleep, but While I am awake as well!" So I have come to the conclusion that Timezone differences, though being annoying in most respects don't always lead to severe boredom... At least on ComicVine.

The Run Up to 2012..

I am not one to believe in stupid theories about the entire world falling apart for no apparent reason totally based upon a movie, but, today another natural disaster has struck the southern hemisphere. Here In Australia we have had flash floods, fires, 2 cyclones and other minor things effecting us, one after another just in the last few months. Today, New Zealand was struck by a traumatic Earthquake killing many and leaving much more homeless. Is there anything to the 2012 conspiracy? Are we destroying the World? Or is this just a terrible Coincidence?

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