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There is 40 years of history to go on with most of these characters. They can't use the history that has be estiblashed...I just don't get it. There are thousands of awesome story lines to choose from....use one of them.

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I'd go....

I'd spend a couple thousand. It's one of those things that the market is pretty steady in so it's not like you couldn't recoup your money is you needed it. I'd through a couple thousand out there for a lot of comics.

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Saturday Night on CV

So it's Saturday Night on Comic Vine. 9:30pm here in the heartland (Texas) and I have no plans for tonight or no intentions of making plans. Like some of you know I have two kids...so life is taking care of kids then being super tired cause I have a 2 year old and that's a lot of energy. So here I am strolling through Comic Vine's thread readying over what the vets and the noods have to say.

Here is to you....the tired and bored who decided to stay home and watch TV while surfing the Vine.

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This will be the worst movie ever made.......right next to Judge Dread


In the Chair

Someone with a very powerful weapon, such as mental powers, needs an equally powerful weakness. Some one with extreme mental abilities should be limited physically. This is much like Hulk, he should always remain dumb when he is Hulking out.

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