The only X-23 comic books you should read.

Many writers have tried, only Craig Kyle and Chris Yost have succeeded. I guess it makes sense since they created the character but it's still pretty sad that nobody else seems to be able to do a decent job at writing her.

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  • As far as X-23 in comics goes, this is where you start.

    It explains the origins of X-23 in Marvel comics.

  • This comic is a retelling of Innocence Lost but also adds certain aspects to the story.

  • Next up is New X-Men, which Craig Kyle and Chris Yost took over from issue 20 onwards. They also added their character, X-23 to the team. The earlier issues are good though, and it's understandable that people weren't too happy with the carnage Kyle and Yost inflicted on the student body of the Xavier institute. Nunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir are great at the teen-focused stuff. Shame they didn't write more.

  • X-Force Volume 3

    Cyclops reforms the X-Force to eliminate threats to mutantkind before they can attack and X-23 volunteers to be on the team. What follows is a whole lot of hard hitting, visceral murder.

    This book incorporates 2 events. X-Necrosha is the first one and the less interesting of the two. Second Coming is the second and it's surprisingly great. In fact, it's the most recent good "event" Marvel has done! Which is also kind of sad because it happened in 2010.

  • Special mention:

    Marjorie Liu's X-23 solo series. (Not the one-shot she did earlier.)

    Marjorie Liu tried her best to incorporate every single X-23 related story up to that point into this comic but it's all a bit too much and legitimises things nobody should really want to see legitimised like the Captain Universe story.

    X-23 being someone who searches for a "soul" because she's a clone is also a wholly uninteresting and ill-fitting story angle.

    There is also another problem with this book:

    It put the thought into a lot of people's minds that X-23 is a deeply sad and miserable character, something which -despite the incredible hardships she has endured- is not true at all.

    Writing her like this hurt the character a lot in subsequent books and in the eyes of readers who started reading her post Second Coming.

    Then there is NYX

    This book by Joe Quesada is not really about X-23 but it is the first actual comic to feature the character. (She was created by Craig Kyle and Chris Yost for the X-Men Evolution cartoon.)

    It's a quite disturbing rendition of the character because she is introduced as a child prostitute.

    Normally I would advise to ignore this version of her but Kyle and Yost have actually referenced it in their own work, granting it some legitimacy at least.

    The rest:

    Everything else, from Chris Claremont's version completely devoid of character all the way to Brian Michael Bendis' horrible rendition which has nothing to do with X-23 should be avoided at all costs.