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Very late review for Codename Sailor V! 0

CODENAME SAILOR V: volume 1! So I'm not sure about most users on this site but I know that I was absolutely estatic to hear that Kodansha Comics was re-releasing the Sailor Moon/V mangas in the U.S. Why? Because I never got to read the original mangas that were released here, or the translations or whatever! I was just happy that I got a new chance to embark on this mangatastic journey of my all time favorite anime! Now this was the first manga I ever read, so don't judge me! Thinking about it,...

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All or nothing. 1

Suicide Squad #1From what I can tell, so far, is that the writer picked low rate villains for this team and he picked HARLEY QUINN?! That's an insult to me because she is not low rate at all! So the basic idea for this issue is that the government has appointed several different villains from different walks of life to fight for their freedom. FIGHT EVIL FOR THEIR FREEDOM! The fights they get into are extremely dangerous, hence SUICIDE squad. So the danger they're in, in this issue is actually j...

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So what about the other 6 corps? 0

Red Lanterns #1The first thing I thought of when I heard they were making this series was "why the red lanterns?". I'm sure I'm not the only person that thought that question. But when I started reading this comic I was like there are some really good characters that have potential in this comic book. We see the walks of rage in different forms in this issue. Atrocitus has a lot of rage because of his planets destruction, including the death of his family. Atrocitus is the leader of the Red Lant...

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A new Avenger! 1

New Avengers #16I always asked myself "why isn't Daredevil an avenger?". Well I guess my question gets answered in this issue! So this is another Fear Itself tie-in (which I kinda forgot was still going XD) but its the Avenger's interview and they're saying what makes an avenger and who deserves to be one. Well this issue is mainly just showing us what Daredevil is doing during this Nazi robot war and how he's helping people and destroying these robots on his own. It's basically just to prove th...

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Another beginning that's not really a beginning! 0

Green Lantern #1This is one of those new DC titles where the creators will say "some stories will change while others won't!" Well then what's the point of this reboot! I feel like mostly nothing's changed! So this issue DIRECTLY follows the events of War of the Green Lanterns. Do you have to read those issues to understand what's going on here? NO. We focus mainly on how Hal's dealing with not being a lantern anymore. He's still over his head with anything he does because he doesn't truly reali...

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Not exactly a strong start to season 9. 0

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 9 #1How many of you wish that when you open up Buffy comics that the theme song would just start playing? I would love that! In my head I play it but it's just not the same as hearing that guitar play and the drummer going crazy and you get to see all of the awesome stuff that's happened over the series! SO mainly this first issue revolves around Buffy waking up from a night she really doesn't remember. That night being her house warming party! A party it was! It...

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The long awaited return of kate kane ..is HERE! 0

Batwoman #1So I was absolutely, positively, supernaturally, any other word with (ly) at the end EXCITED FOR THIS ISSUE! After DC being a tease of releasing issue #0 like a year ago and never telling us when the first issue was coming, we finally have it! HAZA! Anyway so there's this creepy woman that's taking children possibly because of the urban legend that's told about her. Kate is on this case and she now has Flamebird as her sidekick! Kate is not on speaking terms with her father after all ...

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Damian needs a time out! 0

Batman and Robin #1Hey everyone! So before I start writing about the story I just want to say one thing, if I was Bruce I would have belted Damian across the face for what he said to me! I mean come on Damian is a cold heart son of a bitch but when you talk about your father's dead parents in a fairly irreverent way NOW THAT'S JUST MESSED UP. Anyway now that I look like a child abuser, this was a very basic issue for a first. We get to see how Bruce is with Damian, and the two don't really mesh ...

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Ancient Vampires...AWAKENED! 0

American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest #4 of 5.In this issue we finally get to seem some real struggle for survival. I noticed that in all the previous issues, we never really got to see the characters fight the vampires. This issue really gives off the theme of survival. Ok so a lot of stuff happened in this issue! So continuing from last issue Dr. Pavel reveals that those giant statues of vampires are there tickets out of there. Of course Felicia thinks he's crazy and so does Cash. Dr. Pave...

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Don't test Laura! 0

X-23 #14 Hey everybody! So this is my last review of comics for this week! So in this issue Laura is asked to stay with the FF for now, because they want to see what she knows about the earth quake and all that stuff. Meanwhile Reed is trying very hard to figure everything out and everyone is trying to keep Laura composed. Laura gets to meet everyone, some she's friendly with while others eh not so much. As she gets to meet everyone she has one of those attacks which causes an earth quake in the...

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Simon's revengers! 0

New Avengers Annual #1 I see a lot of negativity towards this comic, judging by the user rating and that review down there but I surprisingly enjoyed this issue a little. I remember reading previous issues of Avengers and Simon has been having this huge problem with the idea of this team. He's seen bad things that have happened because of the Avengers and he wants it to end. So he decides to create a team of his own called the Revengers which I didn't really know any of the members on that team!...

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Justice League under the man! 1

Justice League International  # 1 It's not like we haven't seen a million Justice Leagues before or a whole new #1's of justice leagues before so I didn't have too many high expectations for this comic! Judging by the reviews I can tell a lot of people liked but you'll have to keep reading to see exactly how I felt about this issue! (I know it seems like I just advertised this review XD keep reading and you'll get a $5 coupon to walmart! just kidding) Anyway the government decides to make its ow...

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I, Revealed! 0

I, Zombie # 17 This always happens in tv shows, movies, comics, whatever but it does someone has a deep secret that they never want their boy/girl friend to know and that person always finds out! Everyone should be much more open from now on! But the cliche is entertaining nonetheless! Like I've said before I think in last issue, but I'll say it again EVERYTHING IS COMING TO AHEAD! There are a lot of things going on. Horatio's reaction to Gwen's big secret, zombie apocalypse!, Dead Presidents wo...

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New Avatars! 1

Hawk and Dove #1 Ok so the only reason I'm subscribed to this title is because I loved Justice League and Justice League unlimited (the animated series). Also I read all of Brightest Day and I liked these two characters. Anyways so this first issue is about Hank (hawk) and Dawn (Dove) stopping a science terrorist's, Alexander Quirk, plans of attacking a washington monument with like a super zombie thing. Hawk and Dove are offered a partnership by Washi Watanabe with the D.C.P.D. Hawk and Dove ha...

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Painted faces. 0

Batman Detective Comics #1 Okay folks so here's another numero uno review! Back when they announced this reboot thing I didn't know if they were gonna reboot titles such as Detective Comics, Action Comics, or Batman because they were all so close to the 1000th issue! But nonetheless here it is! Okay so Bruce is Batman and he still does his usual thing of solving mysteries or whatever, but it seems the people and police are a bit more intolerable towards him. James Gordon is still friends and all...

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A shattered list. 1

Batgirl # 1YAY it's finally here! The all-new Batgirl series! Let me just say this series is one that I was most excited for, for two reasons! One reason being that I was finally gonna get to read Barbara Gordon as Batgirl because I never really read her as Batgirl before, and the other reason being that GAIL SIMONE WAS WRITING THIS ! I love her work and style! I support anything she writes! This issue is just so that we can get a taste or glimpse of how Barbara is going to be as Batgirl. There'...

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It was the nightmare before September's New 52. 0

Zatanna #16 I remember being so excited for the first issue of this series and here I am talking about the beginning when I'm about to write about the end. This series was fun and served as a good insight to what Zatanna can do alone. This issue was very fun and funny! I thought it was a great conclusion to this series! It's mainly about that blue boy Uriah, that appeared in Batgirl from Limbotown, well he breaks into Zatanna's mansion and demands that she teach him all about sorcery! This issue...

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Not the most powerful ending but still good. 0

Power Girl #27 Well this is one series that I'm very sad to see go.There have been sever people that have worked on this series and I loved all their work. From Palmotti and Conner to Winick and Basri to Sturges and Prasteya they all did very well in my eyes. Karen Starr was such a strong and independent character that deserved her series and now she's just going to appear in a new series, that is very heart breaking! This series ends with Power Girl having to stop 3 different villains at differ...

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Closing time! 0

Justice League of America #60 No one can say that this team was not unique? I think that I'll always remember it because there were no big Leaguers and the assortment was totally unique. This is the conclusion of this version of Justice League of America. It's so weird to say that because JLA is such an iconic team and I would never want to see it end, but that's why I'm excited for the new Justice League that's coming out for the last week of August! So this issue is just everybody stating thei...

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I'd rather read comics than study any day! 0

Gladstone's School for World Conquerers #4 Ok so this is my first review for this series and I have to say, I enjoyed it very much. But I'll get into why later in this review. So the basis of this issue is the Skull Brothers, Ghost Girl, Kid Nefarious, and Martian Jones go over Mummy Girl's house to study for mystic arts. Kid Nefarious of course doesn't want to study, so he stumbles upon Mummy Girl's comic book collection, not know what they are or who's in them. Mummy Girl reveals that their pa...

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Wow a fight of the century that lasted for one page. Wow NOT! 0

Flashpoint: Wonder Woman and the Furies #3 of 3. The title explains my cynical and sarcastic opinion of this comic. This issue just sucked! But I'll get more into detail about why it "sucked" later in this review. So this is the big conclusion of wonder woman and the furies! Yeah some big conclusion? Terra raises some earth for the amazons, Orm and Penthesilea were traitors on both sides, and Diana goes to fight Arthur but we only see on page of that. Some fight of the century?   The GOOD! I do ...

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Not much development. 0

Avengers Academy #18 As we get deeper into  the Avengers Academy Fear Itself tie-ins, I get more and more worried that these issues are gonna start to faulter! Like this issue. As you can tell from my rating, it's lower than the previous two or three issues. You'll see why shortly. The main basis of this issue is, the students trying to fight and survive against Absorbing Man and Titania. That's pretty much the whole issue. The issue ends with the students trying to find a way out of the dimensi...

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This is Tim's City. 0

Red Robin # 26 Well another sappy intro to another final issue review folks! This series has been very well executed! I remember being sad when Yost left the team but Nicieza has done just fine on these issues! It's gonna be sad not seeing Tim in his own series with his own calculating mind! But hey life goes on in a new universe! So the basis of this issue is Tim just wanting revenge on Captain Boomerang for murdering his father! And what better time to do this type of story then the end right?...

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Squirel Girl really gets into her job! 0

New Avengers # 15 So I didn't really know how I was going to feel about this issue bc I saw SG on the cover and I'm like "oh no I barely know anything about her, and I definitely don't taker her seriously!" but to my pleasant surprise I enjoyed this issue. The main scenario of this issue is Squirrel Girl doing her interview, and being caught in the middle of Fear Itself trying to protect Jessica's baby Danielle. She shows she has what it takes to be there for the Avengers!   The GOOD! I think th...

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Wish Gail would've stayed for the end! 1

Birds of Prey #15 I still remember picking up the first issue of this volume! That was when the whole Brightest Day thing happened, although now that I think of it Brightest Day was really swept under the rug because of this whole 52 thing! Well this series was just great! When Gail was writing this I must've rated every issue with a 4.5 or higher! Sad to see it go and it's even sadder to see it go into the hands of someone other than Gail. GAIL WHERE ARE YOU?!?!?!?! So this is the conclusion of...

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I think this was the wrong time to be introduced to a new villain 3

Batman and Robin # 26 So here's the last issue of Batman and Robin and the first thing I'd like to say is....this could've ended way better than it did.So Dick, Damian, and Nightrunner are handling this problem going on in Paris. It's being caused by this guy named Voila! He's wreaking havoc on the city. He has a couple of subordinates that give our bat family some trouble. This issue is mainly about Dick, Damian, and Nightrunner fighting these new villains. The clear fact is that we win and the...

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Steph was a great Batgirl! 1

Batgirl #24 This is one of the only titles I truly read from the beginning and it's sad to see it go! I know there was some controversy when Stephanie started out as Batgirl and I have to say I really did enjoy her run as Batgirl! I'm excited to see how Babs is going back in the ring as Batgirl but I'll never forget Steph's run! Anywho this issue is the conclusion to Batgirl volume 3! It turns out all Steph's dad, Cluemaster, wanted to do was see her again! He got himself thrown in jail for that...

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Gargoyle Vampires! 0

American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest #3 of 5. Hey everybody! So this issue picks up right where last issue left off! Instead of being mutilated by the many vampires, Cashel and Felicia are introduced to the 77the reich, which is an army of Nazi vampires! Felicia and Cash have to play dumb in this predicament and act like these are the first vampires they've ever seen. Dr. Pavel then presents a demonstration of a new weapon he's created that uses the different ultraviolet rays of the sun, to...

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X-23 and the FF. 0

X-23 #13 SO Laura is back in the big city! Gambit has brought her to the city to kind of ease her mind and find the name on her list. The name is Alex Cimini and he was a child that Laura didn't kill but killed his family. Gambit is still wounded so she takes him to Cecilia Reyes. She asked if Kiden has been here and Cecilia says yes but not often. Laura leaves him with Cecilia to get better as she goes off to find Alex. She finds him but decides not to approach him. As she leaves she feels pain...

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Cut ties with all the lies you've been living in- third eye blind 0

I, Zombie #16 The first thing I'd like to mention about this issue in particular is that this specific comic had the best smell to this whole series! I don't know why but it was almost comparable to the scent of an old book or something but I liked it a lot. (well that wasn't an awkward start at all) The issue starts out with Gwen and Horatio trying to reach Scott and they do! Meanwhile hordes of zombies are roaming above ground in town. Scott's two best friends are saved by his chimpanzee grand...

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F! L! A! S! H! P! O! I! N! T! #! 4! 0

Flashpoint # 4 of 5. Change is drawing near! Next issue marks the end of the DC universe we know it and I'm sure this has most people on edge! I know it has me nervous! Let's start the review! So the main basis of this issue is, Flash wants more super people to join him and stop Reverse Flash! Flash meets the "different" Metamorpho so SHE joins them. Meanwhile there are 6 kids that make up one Captain Lightning that wanna stop Wonder Woman and this war all together. Flash, Cyborg, and Batman fin...

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Dear diary. 1

Batman: Gates of Gotham # 4 of 5. Hey everybody so here we have the second to last issue of the Gates of Gotham mini series! The issue starts right where we left off from last time. Tim and Damian are getting attacked by the "architect". The fight gets a little out of control and the winner is unclear. The architect runs away as Cassie and Dick arrive. Cassandra finds a diary with the word Gate engraved on the cover. Meanwhile we see more of Nick's past. We see that once Nick's brother died, Ala...

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Avengers Academy lost in underspace! (I think) 0

Avengers Academy #17 Ok so the battle picks up right where it left off in last issue and the students keep destroying these mecha robots and killing the people that control them. The battle is over in Washington D.C. Falcon randomly comes over and tells them that Bucky is dead. Tigra takes the students home and uses the dimensional door to be with Hank. Titania and Absorbing Man find a way to use their powers so they can get to the Infinite Avengers Mansion and attack the students! Each member i...

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Heat of the moment! 0

Uncanny X-Force #12 Okay so there were a couple of main focuses going on in this issue. First off we see Logan's burning passion for Jean Grey even though she's not the original Jean Grey. They both have feelings for each other but their romance is interrupted by a giant Sentinel! Phoenix destroys it with her fire power (which was pretty damn cool). The team meets up with everyone in like the meeting room and they discuss their plans on getting the life seeds and then on how to get back home. Lo...

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It may not have been a tie-in, but hey it was a great discussion! 2

Secret Avengers #15 Ok so I think it's safe to say that many comics released as "Fear itself tie-ins" have not lived up to their names. Let's be honest, the big companies "marvel in this case" slap big arcs across so many different titles to rack in the dough! Not all of them are gonna make a dent in the over all plot to the big arc. This issue is a perfect example of not being a tie-in but still being a pretty damn good issue. So anyway the issue is totally centered in the office of this hot go...

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Ivy's dominating control. 0

Gotham City Sirens #25 This is GCS' second to last issue and that makes me sad. I really read this story straight from the beginning and I mostly liked the series and now Selina's gonna have her own series, Harley's an insane death row criminal, and Ivy could be anywhere! (she may be in birds of prey but I don't know). Well enough with the sappy stuff for now, on with the review!! Ivy has had this plant thing looking for her and it finally found her in her arkham cell , courteous of Selina. Ivy ...

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Kal, Lois, and Lex as kids! 0

Project Superman #2 of 3. Ok so this issue does have to do with Kal-El. Last issue I think we were supposed to be introduced to Project 0 as a superman. So this issue is about "the" superman as a project. So this issue mainly revolves on Kal-El being used as a lab rat. They keep running these projects on him, not allowing him to grow on his own. Krypto even makes an appearance in this issue as Kal's only companion and friend. General Lane tries to treat Kal as a father but the researches won't a...

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I regret picking up this issue! 0

Ok so this issue was definitely more focused on Grifter and how he became part of the Resistance. So this issue doesn’t continue right away from last issue. We start out with the Resistance fighting the Amazon Furies. The Resistance consists of: Grifter, Godiva, Canterbury Cricket, Etrigan, and Hyde. The Resistance wins the fight. Lois soon meets up with them after Penny was captured from last issue. Grifter then tells the story of when he met Penny and she wore this suit called Britania. They ...

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Fate is up to chance. 2

So this issue is the second to last issue of the Ghost War story arc and tensions are rising! So much suspense and apprehension is dispersed throughout this issue because we know it’s getting insanely close to the end of the arc. The main theme of this comic is survival and escape. Scott Snyder does a great job of evincing this through each character in the prison camp. They find some startling blood containers, which means this evil camp was planning on dispersing it throughout the island to i...

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War Games 2

Flashpoint: Wonder Woman and the Furies #2 of 3 Hey everyone just to start off by saying that this comic received a lot of negative reviews on this website so I feel a bit awkward giving it a high grade but whatever it's my opinion so I'm just gonna go with how I felt about this comic. The basis of this comic was to show us the madness between The Amazons and the Atlanteans unfold and I think that was done very well in this issue. There are more covert treacherous attacks on Themyscira which lea...

3 out of 4 found this review helpful.