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Top 9 Comic Book Couples!!!!!!!!!

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  • This was a tough decision, but ultimately the best couple prevailed as number 1, and that would be the undying love between MaryJane Watson and Peter Parker. This is my absolute favorite couple because they belong together. Their relationship is untouchable because no matter what they stick together. Except for that stupid one day later, but I try to act like that doesn't exist. They are both great parents to Spider-girl May Parker. Maryjane accepts Peter's duty to the world and it won't stop her from loving him. They are the picturesque couple. MJ & PP 4 EVER!!!!!!!

  • This couple missed the 1st rank by just an inch. Ever since I was little whenever I heard Lois Lane I would instantly relate her to Superman. They are a perfect couple. When Lois didn't know Clark Kent was SM there was always that edge of what if she found out. Well that's long gone. They both have the best of both worlds in their relationship. They will always have a bonding love between them. Their Silver Age relationship is definitely better than the Golden Age one. They are a shining icon in the comic world. LL & CK 4 EVERR!!!!!!!!

  • The most hilarious couple ever!!!!!!!!! The only reason this didn't make rank 1 or 2 is because it's a one sided relationship. My absolute favorite character in comicbook history is HarleyQUINN. She is obsessed with the Joker and deeply loves him, but the Joker only uses Harley for his own personal gain. He doesn't love her at all. She's less than inferior to him. She will do anything to get his approval, especially if it means destroying Batman. I hope one day Harley will learn to leave Joker, but hey it's what we got right now. HQ & J 4 NEVER OR EVER!!!!!

  • Reed Richards and Susan Storm rock together!!! They are the perfect team mates anyone can ask for. Beauty and the brain. Sure sometimes they get on eachother's nerves but that will never stop them from loving eachother. RR & SS 4 EVER!!!!!!!!!!

  • Blonde plus blonde equals love, or at least that's my logic. Black Canary and Green Arrow are perfect for eachother because they have the same personality and they work pretty well together. BC & GA 4 EVER!!!!!!!!!!

  • Okay I am not sure if her and Tony are together, but if someone can tell me that would be great. Throughout their entire realationship there's always a love interest and sexual tension. What I love is that the man who has everything (money wise) can love someone who just works for him. I hope in Iron Man 2 they get together. Pepper Potts is the rescue plan which I love. Hopefully PP & TS 4 EVER!!!!!!!!!!

  • Don't you just love young love. Tim Drake and Stephanie Brown are so good together. Red Robin and Batgirl. 2 members of the batfamily in a union of love. They are good team mates and cooperative. They do not let love get in the way of their work because they no better. SB & TD 4 EVER!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kathy Kane and Renee Montoya came out of the cave! Yes they are lesbians, but that really doesn't matter because they love eachother. This was an extreme move by DC to make Batwoman gay. The original Batwoman and Batgirl were created to stop the rumors of Batman and Robin being gay. Now Batwoman was made to be gay. I'm not sure if I like Renee as the Question. Oh well. KK & RM 4 EVER!!!!!!

  • This is a great couple. They are in love, but Elektra's violent ways somewhat drove them apart. DD & E 4 EVER!!!!!!!!!