TOP 20 FEMALE VILLAINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • The disastrous diva of mischief ranks number 1 on the dastardly female list! My absolute favorite character in comic book history had to make first sometime. She is a whimsical, insanely hilarious, insane, diabolical, naive villain. Anyone who can have any sort of affection towards the Joker is a tough character in my book. Harley's got extreme agility. She can be a little careless with her arsenal, but makes up for it in humor. Sometimes she can even outwhit people including Batman and improving the Joker's plans to actually make them work. I LOVE HARLEY QUINN!!!!!!

  • The mistress of mayham and magic ranks very high on this list. She can battle the son of Oden and still manage to look beautiful. She uses her magic and potions to manipulate men to do what she wants. Enchantress is a high class sorceress who means business. One day I would love to see a cross over between her and Poison Ivy. They can either do serious damage as a team, or they can be eachother's worst enemy.

  • This ferocious kitty goes both ways, I mean good or bad. Why did you think I meant? Selina Kyle can play many roles. She is a diverse character who you never know what she'll do next. Selina constantly tantalizes Batman being a possible love interest, while being a top villain. She's agile and good with combat and a whip. Halle Berry should stick to Storm by the way!

  • She should be the Green Giant's girlfriend. Poison Ivy should be the head of the Environmental Protection Agency. She's a great villain because she can manipulate Mother Earth to do what she wants. She doesn't even need henchmen. Although she's green she can still be sexy. Poison Ivy makes me want to protect the environment.

  • Formerly know as the screaming mimi the supervilainess. Now Songbird. I still kind of refer to her as a villain but whatever. I love her powers and her quest for Hawkeye.

  • Although created on Superman the animated series, I still like her. She's funny and I love her power. She can travel by electrical wires and technology. She kind of reminds me of Harley Quinn in a weird way, but will never compare. One of my favorite episodes of Batman the Animated Series is Girl's Night Out.

  • Ever since superfriends she has been an arch enemy to Wonderwoman and I love it. She has the powers of a cheetah which makes her ferocious. She's got sharp claws and she's not afraid to get them a little bloody.

  • Magneta is the mistress of magnetism. She was a mutant who idolized Magneto and used her own powers to emulate him. If you ask me she seems a bit like a copy cat but she is still a cool villain who I hope Marvel does more with, because she has a lot of potential.

  • Black Cat is the same thing as Catwoman except for your friendly neighborhood spidey.

  • Mystique is a blue vindictive b!@#$. You gotta admit her power is one we all wish we had. She will do anything to please her leader Magneto. She is one bone chilling brawd.

  • Brrrrrrrrr the cold sholder, oh wait my sholder is actually frozen. What a cold hearted b!@#$. Killer Frost is the a female version of Mr. Freeze, but a lot better with sarcasim and comebacks.

  • Man it must've been heart breaking when superman rejected her. She has immense skill in psy power and strength.

  • April Parker is the clone of Spider-girl. She's definitely a lower version of May Parker. Although she is a pretty cool villain, just a lower class.

  • Giganta puts basketball players to shame in the height department. Giganta is a pretty cool villain. I just am not too fond of her power.

  • This villain is one not to slice and dice with. Lady Deathstrike has been an archnemesis to Wolverine for such a long time. Her sharp claws make her a killing machine.

  • Wow a sorceress with a mask. She's a cool villain for the affection of her spoiled bratty son. Justice League the animated series gives a great story to her in the first season.

  • In the mythological world Circe is a beyotch. Sorry got tired of the shift key. She can turn people into animals which makes her kind of crazy. Another sorceress.

  • Have you ever wondered what it's like to have more than 2 arms. Well Spiral doesn't have to wonder. This sammurai sword wealding villain is not a joke. Spiral gives the phrase slice and dice a whole new meaning.


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Posted By Illyana Rasputin

That's a GREAT list!

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Posted By Liberty

love this list.  Harley, Ivy, Killer frost and Maxima you have all my favorite female villains.

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Posted By Violet-Eyed Dragon
@Illyana Rasputin: i agree  i love this list.   Great job Harleyquinnhawkgirl. 
did you not include emma frost since she is more known as a hero??  
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love harley quinn but dark pheonix or poison ivy should be 1st nice list tho

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Posted By courtney12490

This list is fantastic!

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Posted By bob agent of agency x

Considering Harley Quinn is both your user name and number 1 on the list, im guessing shes your fav character?

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Posted By The-Vodun401

I like this list for the most part; though I'd make a few changes here or there. 
But Harley Quinn definately ranks numero uno in my book as well.
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Posted By zombie flash

awsome list
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Posted By shadow death

cool list

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Allow me to preface this by saying I'm a dyed in the wool DC--hardly ever touch the Marvel stuff--so know that my gripes are not due to personal preference/bias in any way: 
You're going to rank--on a list of the top twenty female villains (I'm assuming 'of all time')--Harley Quinn ahead of Dark Phoenix? The cosmically powered, has-died-several-times-and-lived-to-tell-the-tale, started-the-revolving-door-death-cliche DARK PHOENIX? 
Look, I don't even read the X-books, but that stinks of being completely, utterly bogus to me. You don't even back up your reasoning for having Harley in the top spot--ahead of sorceresses, super powered beings and a freakin' *goddess* level witch--beyond 'extreme agility' and 'she improves on the Joker's plans'. 
(And FYI: no, she doesn't. Not without getting her tuchus chucked out the nearest eighth floor window.)
Also, 'Black Cat: basically the same as Catwoman'? don't actually know anything about either character's origins and motivations, then? Also, hey, Cheetah's been Wondy's archenemy for WAY longer than 'since Superfriends'. Can you say Golden Age? 'Cause I certainly can.

If this is a list of your personal favorites ranked in order of preference, yay and all, but nothing sets my teeth on edge quite as fast as a generic 'Top Twenty' list that doesn't actually give decent *reasons* for the character rankings.

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I know she hasn't been present for a vary long time, but what about Cassandra Nova? She was responsible for the deaths of about sixteen million mutants when she unleashed the sentinels on Genosha. She is one of my favorite female villain.

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Would I put them in the same order??? Probably not, but hey, its your list, that is the point. I didn't hear you list it as the Top 20 Villans by power rank list...  
I do think you were getting a little tired of typing towards the end and rushing, but yet again, your list ^^ 
Great job, I like see some of the non mainstream villains. 
I "heart" Poison Ivy and Black Cat 
And don't forget Black WIdow, though she is good now, she was once a Bad @ss Villain 
I also think it is funny, that many of the baddies out there are reforming their ways, for now ;) 

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I forgot how cool this list is

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Great list!  There are a lot of great choices there!
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very nice

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You have far too many reformed villains on this list, but it is a good list.

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Posted By misterz173
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Excellent list!!! I liked the inlcusion of Livewire.

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Good list though i dont really think Songbird belongs there...she was never good at being bad and what about Madelyne Pryor

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mystiquie(did i spell that wright) does not do anything for mags(unless your talking about the movie) they barely have any interaction in the comics
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To echo (echo) this is one superb list! Ooh, plus Spiral! (don't see Spiral on many lists)

One of the best lists I have seen! 
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great list ! 

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Great list...

But no Mystique!?

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great list

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Amazing list ^^

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Maxima's a hero

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Great list, but it really shows how many female supervillains get runs as anti-heroes. I think only 2 or 3 on this list have been villains the entire time. And then there are examples like Elektra.

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Posted By nightwing737

Morgan Le Fay is a marvel character and you said "Justice League the Animated Series gives a great story to her in the first season".

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Posted By JSH92

Nice list, but what happened to #3 and #7?

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@bitemetechie: that's great and all that you want to be a negative whiny little brat but I'm pretty sure they meant THEIR top 20 female villains, not anyone else's. And if "generic" Top 20 lists make you peeved off, then don't read them. Simple as that. And personally I rank Harley Quinn as my all-time favorite female villain too. I'm like 99.99999…% DC fan with a dash of Marvel in there somewhere so I am similar to you in the taste department. And honestly, Black Cat is basically just Marvel copying off of DC's characters (yet again!) because they are both sometimes love interests/villains to their respectful heroes, they both steal, etc. And can you explain to me how Dark Phoenix being extremely powerful and being resurrected multiple times make her the best villainess? She's not in my opinion, just in case you were wondering.

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Posted By time1

Nice list.

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Superb list! I still remember Songbird, aka Screaming Mimi, from an early Dazzler issue.

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Awesome list really well done

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I love this list except for Harley Quinn. She ruins it for me. I hate her. Yet the media decides to stuff her down my throat because she's in everything!!. . . . . . . That and Viper is my favorite female villain. Otherwise it's good.

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@taskmaster1995: I'm sorry but did you say that Harley Quinn RUINS the list?! Bitch, she MAKES this list! And if Viper is SO amazing, why isn't she on this list? Oh that's right, it's a list of the BEST female villains rather than the WORST

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Posted By Taskmaster1995

@soopacoop16: Last time i checked. I didn't say she ruins the list, she ruins it for me. There's a big difference. However i am not the only one who thinks such, reading above comments. Second mentioning i dislike the character doesn't give you reason to bash me and curse at me. Dislike Viper if you wish we are all entitled to opinion. Third whether or not Viper is on this enumeration doesn't really matter because it is an opinion based list and any merit it has is only based on what it is given by people who read it. Now say if this were IGN or Marvel or a massive collaborated effort, you would have a point. Fourth, I liked the rest of the list, except for those two points.

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Posted By SoopaCoop16

@taskmaster1995: OK I reread my own comment and I do believe I went overboard. A lot. I sorta overstepped my bounds there. Whoops. I have no idea why I did that because I myself can't stand it when people bash my opinions. And Viper is not a terrible villain.

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Posted By Taskmaster1995

@soopacoop16: Thank You. I appreciate the apology. It takes a big man to admit that he may have erred. I probably didn't need to retort as violently as i did either. We as hard core fans have a tendency to over react. It is our nature. Regardless thank you again, and i sincerely hope you have a nice day.

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great list but you forgot numbers 3 and 7