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TOP 20 FEMALE VILLAINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • The disastrous diva of mischief ranks number 1 on the dastardly female list! My absolute favorite character in comic book history had to make first sometime. She is a whimsical, insanely hilarious, insane, diabolical, naive villain. Anyone who can have any sort of affection towards the Joker is a tough character in my book. Harley's got extreme agility. She can be a little careless with her arsenal, but makes up for it in humor. Sometimes she can even outwhit people including Batman and improving the Joker's plans to actually make them work. I LOVE HARLEY QUINN!!!!!!

  • The mistress of mayham and magic ranks very high on this list. She can battle the son of Oden and still manage to look beautiful. She uses her magic and potions to manipulate men to do what she wants. Enchantress is a high class sorceress who means business. One day I would love to see a cross over between her and Poison Ivy. They can either do serious damage as a team, or they can be eachother's worst enemy.

  • This ferocious kitty goes both ways, I mean good or bad. Why did you think I meant? Selina Kyle can play many roles. She is a diverse character who you never know what she'll do next. Selina constantly tantalizes Batman being a possible love interest, while being a top villain. She's agile and good with combat and a whip. Halle Berry should stick to Storm by the way!

  • She should be the Green Giant's girlfriend. Poison Ivy should be the head of the Environmental Protection Agency. She's a great villain because she can manipulate Mother Earth to do what she wants. She doesn't even need henchmen. Although she's green she can still be sexy. Poison Ivy makes me want to protect the environment.

  • Formerly know as the screaming mimi the supervilainess. Now Songbird. I still kind of refer to her as a villain but whatever. I love her powers and her quest for Hawkeye.

  • Although created on Superman the animated series, I still like her. She's funny and I love her power. She can travel by electrical wires and technology. She kind of reminds me of Harley Quinn in a weird way, but will never compare. One of my favorite episodes of Batman the Animated Series is Girl's Night Out.

  • Ever since superfriends she has been an arch enemy to Wonderwoman and I love it. She has the powers of a cheetah which makes her ferocious. She's got sharp claws and she's not afraid to get them a little bloody.

  • Magneta is the mistress of magnetism. She was a mutant who idolized Magneto and used her own powers to emulate him. If you ask me she seems a bit like a copy cat but she is still a cool villain who I hope Marvel does more with, because she has a lot of potential.

  • Black Cat is the same thing as Catwoman except for your friendly neighborhood spidey.

  • Mystique is a blue vindictive b!@#$. You gotta admit her power is one we all wish we had. She will do anything to please her leader Magneto. She is one bone chilling brawd.

  • Brrrrrrrrr the cold sholder, oh wait my sholder is actually frozen. What a cold hearted b!@#$. Killer Frost is the a female version of Mr. Freeze, but a lot better with sarcasim and comebacks.

  • Man it must've been heart breaking when superman rejected her. She has immense skill in psy power and strength.

  • April Parker is the clone of Spider-girl. She's definitely a lower version of May Parker. Although she is a pretty cool villain, just a lower class.

  • Giganta puts basketball players to shame in the height department. Giganta is a pretty cool villain. I just am not too fond of her power.

  • This villain is one not to slice and dice with. Lady Deathstrike has been an archnemesis to Wolverine for such a long time. Her sharp claws make her a killing machine.

  • Wow a sorceress with a mask. She's a cool villain for the affection of her spoiled bratty son. Justice League the animated series gives a great story to her in the first season.

  • In the mythological world Circe is a beyotch. Sorry got tired of the shift key. She can turn people into animals which makes her kind of crazy. Another sorceress.

  • Have you ever wondered what it's like to have more than 2 arms. Well Spiral doesn't have to wonder. This sammurai sword wealding villain is not a joke. Spiral gives the phrase slice and dice a whole new meaning.