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  • If you've ever seen Kill Bill vol 2 then you know why Clark Kent is my favorite secret identity. Clark Kent is a classisc secret identity.

  • Millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne of course has to be on top. How else do you think Batman could afford all of his cool gadgets and gizmos.

  • Typical high school genius Peter Parker has an abnormal life. He's your friendly neighbor hood spider-man. Only the people closest to Peter know who he is.

  • The boy wonder acrobatic master Dick Grayson was Robin, Nightwing, and now Batman. A classic secret identity if you ask me.

  • Villains can have secret identities too. It's way more fun that way. Selina Kyle is no average woman. She's the infamous Catwoman.

  • May Parker is an average, cool girl in high school. Except for the fact that she is Spider-girl. Being that her dad is Peter Parker it makes a whole lot of sense.

  • Heiress to a family fortune, Kathy Kane is the Dark Knight on her side of Gotham. Kathy Kane is same sex orientated and currently in a relationship with Renee Montoya.

  • Barbara Gordon was the average teen daughter of Comissioner Gordon until the becamE Batgirl. Currently she is the Oracle due to a suffering blow from the Joker, she currently helps her fellow heroes in need.

  • Kara Kent is the biological cousin of Clark Kent, but also the biological cousin of Superman as she is Supergirl. A teen who's lived on the farm all her life, who aspires to have a high city life.

  • Jessica Drew was a normal girl until she was injected with a special radiation that gave her extraordinary powers.

  • Tony Stark frustrates me because he revealed himself as Iron Man to the public. Technically he shouldn't be on this list, but he's a great character.

  • Bruce Banner was a normal scientist until he was belted with gamma rays that turned him into THE INCREDIBLE HULK. It must hurt whenever he turns into the Hulk.

  • Jennifer Walters has got the best of both worlds. She is a lawyer and She-Hulk.

  • Kendra Saunders was a regular girl who then turned out to be the grandaughter of Shiera Hol. Now she is the reincarnation of Shiera and tries to live a normal life.

  • Matt Murdock is a blind lawyer by day, but at knight is the blind avenger Dare Devil who relies on his hightened other senses.