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TOP 13 SIDEKICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Hands down Dick Grayson is the number one elite side kick. Dick Grayson has evolved so much from being Batman's side kick. He's been the 1st Robin, Nightwing, and now Batman. Dick Grayson is an icon in the comic world. What's so cool is that Bruce and him are super heros for the same reason. REVENGE!!!! But Dick is lighter about it. Cannot wait for Bruce to return though!!!

  • Barbera Gordon is the classic and most famous Batgirl. She's Comissioner Gordon's daughter so she's got connections. As Batgirl she is an amazing combatant and she is very smart and great with technology. When she becomes Oracle. Unfortunately she becomes paralyzed(see The Joker: Killing Joke) she grows from it and becomes a better hero in a different way.

  • If you're looking for a shorter version of Wonderwoman, Donna's your girl. Anyone who's related to Wonderwoman is already cool. She is a more modern day version of Wonderwoman being that she gets married to a man. She's got super strength, flight, and women's lib. She is a great sidekick.

  • Needless to say, Cassandra is a terific hero, whether alone or a sidekick. She is brutal and a totally cool hero. She may not always be the best or most cooperative team mate, but that doesn't mean she is not a good sidekick. She had one of the most closest relationships to Bruce Wayne anyone had. The only unfortunate thing is that stupid one year later they did with her becoming the head of the league of Assassins, but without that we wouldn't have Stephanie Brown as our current Batgirl. Go Cassandra Cain!!!!!!!

  • Total awesomeness!!!! War Machine is an amazing sidekick. A total a$$ kicking super hero is what he is. Jim Rhodes is one of Tony's best friends. What is so cool is that Iron Man's sidekick is just like him. The best arsenal and weaponry money can buy. Plus the amazing flight. I cannot wait to see War Machine in Iron Man 2.

  • What can I say he's a boy wonder. Tim Drake was in the same circumstance as Dick and he felt just like him. Tim sparks a love interest with Stephanie Brown, which I just live for love interests and he almost had one with Cassandra, but she was too old for him. He is very good as Red Robin, but it's a little weird to see him on his own, which I love when he teams up with Stephanie Brown.

  • Captain America is the man,and so is his sidekick. He is a classic sidekick and shares the same powers as C.P. America. When Captain America died he took up the mantel of Captain America with a new adamantanium suit, which I loved. I do think he deserved a little bit more story, but they do give him good attributes. He was trained under Steven Rogers so he has good hand to hand combat, excellent with firearms, and occasional knife throwing. Overall he's a very good sidekick.

  • In the 1990's she often played a role as Wolverine's sidekick, but I kind of consider her more of a team player, which is why she's lower on the list. She has extrodinary powers which are good for the 4th of July. She's your regular mall rat and she's the youngest member of the x-men. I always wish that you could be her in the first Marvel vs Capcom but she was just a helper. A good "sidekick" none the less.

  • Stephanie Brown is a great Batgirl. She is really cool because she's had several super hero identities. First she was Spoiler in order to defeat her evil dad Cluemaster and kill him. Second she was Robin. She forced her way into it when she was mad at Tim for being seduced by a classmate. When she resigned as Robin she asks Batman if she ever really was Robin and he answers yes. And now she is the current Batgirl and I think she deserves it.

  • Being the son of the bat that already earns him a spot on this list. From birth he was trained by the League of Assassins so he's great in combat, plus with the tutelage of Dick Grayson he has more experience. He also is good a mimicking other people's voices. He is a good young sidekick that adds a fresh new look to the scene.

  • Roy is an exact replica of Green Arrow. There is really nothing special to him except that he becomes Arsenal. He's good with combat and his bow and arrow, but lacks in originality.

  • Tempest is Aqualad. Can you guess who he's the sidekick to? Aquaman. His role as a titan is kind of a joke which is why he's last on the list. To see him differ from Aquaman would be cool. Still he has good attributes.