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Top 11 Frenemies!!!!!!!! Friend or enemy?

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  • Selina Kyle, the perrrrrrrrrfect diva for this list. This sexy scandalous cat thief has been through many things with Batman that question her relationship with Bruce. I like to think of it as an ambiguous relationship. One that we can decide.

  • From Peter's best friend to worst enemy to whatever. Harry's always been Pete's best friend,but always jealous of him with MaryJane. Harry just seems like a good candidate for this list.

  • I am a big fan of Cassandra Cain, but that stupid one year later s@#$ come on that sucked. Her becoming the head of the league of assassins was a big blunder, but at the outcome Cass. passed on the mantel of Batgirl to Stephanie Brown so that was good. Anyway this is the reason she's on this list.

  • Spider-Man's ticket to trouble is right here on the 4th spot of this list. SM and BC are always going on and off with the friend or enemy thing. I love that kind of relationship.

  • I know that's a picture of Shayara Thal, but I'm talkin about Shiera Hol. My favorite Hawkgirl. I loved her even beter on Justice League the animated series. On the episode of Starcrossed a piece of my love for her died, but revived in Justice League unlimited.

  • Former crush and former enemy of Spider-girl. How much more complicated can this get.

  • This former rebel teen to 2nd Robin then killed, but then resurrected then the Red Hood. Jason tried to kill the Batfamily, but he used to be Robin. This guy has got frenemy written all over that rejected hood.

  • Lobo is absolutely hilarious. He'll help you out then turn on you in a minute. I think Brad Garett did a great job with his voice.

  • Talia is a total b!@#$. She has Bruce's son then turns on him constantly. When Bruce is "dead" she leaves Damion with Dick Grayson. She's nothing but trouble.

  • From villain to friend, yes this creature explains it all.

  • This high maintenance reporter to the daily planet may have a tough exterior on the job, but when you get to know her she's got a great personality.