Why mid-term exams suck!

Hey everyone well as I'm writing this blog I'm also procrastinating pretty hard which shows just how well I can multi task! What am I procrastinating for you may ask, studying for my mid term exams! Let's face it, we all hate these annoying exams just BECAUSE! They really suck and almost serve no purpose yet they kind of do. I'm going to list why they suck and then I'd like for everyone to write down what they hate most about mid term exams whether it be college high school or whatever. AND what subject was their least favorite to have a mid term in!


-It always takes place in the winter! That sucks because the weather is freezing (if you live like mainly in the midwest to the east coast). And your always called in to take them at such weird times like 9:30am or 12:30am like i just want to get these stupid things over with!

-Your forced to study everything from the beginning of the year to everything the mid term covers. It's extremely hard to concentrate on stuff you can care less about and study for such a long time! Especially in your worst subjects! For me the hardest mid term I'm going to be taking is spanish IV, so i have to study the geography, the history, the art, and the literature!

-PROCRASTINATION IS DEADLY! You can't help but feel this force of procrastinating come over you as you flip the next page in your meaningless notebook. You start thinking "ugh I why am I studying this I'm never gonna have to know it again..hmm I wonder what's on tv." You'll find yourself procrastinating with things you would never do in your everyday life! You'll start cleaning, organizing, and helping people!

-Mid terms count for a huge grade that can either damage your average or help and support it! PERSONALLY I DON'T LIKE THOSE ODDS!

So these are my reasons for hating them, let me know why you guys hate them or like them?