Why Daria is an awesome tv show

Daria has always been one of my top 5 favorite tv shows for a while now. When I was younger I tried to watch it on Mtv or theN but I never understood it either because Daria's vocabulary was too high for me or that I didn't have the same experiences as her since I was so young. But I decided to watch the entire series back in 2009 and I fell in love. The DAY it was released on dvd (the complete series) I bought it because I was so friggen excited and happy! Now the reason I'm even writing this blog is because I've noticed a lot of talk and support for Daria as of recently so I found it suitable to do this blog now! Users have changed their icons to characters of the show and there is an add a point subtract a point game for the characters! It makes me proud to say that I'm a huge Daria fan and when I was at my prime of that fandom I knew the show line by line, episode title and number, and I could sing the lyrics to the musical episode by heart. As of right now I can probably do half of each thing I listed but let me state why Daria was such an amazing and underestimated show.


-Daria's main audience, I think, was intended for teenagers of both sexes not just girls and not just boys. The true connection is within the perception of high school then and how it is now. LET ME TELL YOU THERE ARE PRACTICALLY NO DIFFERENCES BETWEEN DARIA'S HIGHSCHOOL AND MINE! You've got your cliques: popular (football/cheerleaders), Over achievers, geeks, weirdos, nobodies WHATEVER! Daria is still very relevant to this day. It's not hard to find some aspect of Daria's life and relate it to yours.

-The show itself is hilarious. I have never laughed at shows or movies the way I do at Daria. It's humor is just so funny and cynical that it's hard not to like it. Plus with the array of characters and personalities AND VOICES your bound to find one or two you'll like. For my favorite character is Jane but I love Daria almost as much but just a little less!

- Your not going to find anything quite like it now a days. Mtv was very different now from when it was then. Now all you have is fist pumping guidos and pregnant teens flooding that channel, meanwhile back then you had great music and awesome tv shows! Daria was underestimated at that time and I'm not sure why. It could be, because the main character was a girl that saw the world for what it was and didn't have a filter on her mouth. It could be that the show didn't get enough views? Who knows but all I know is that it was pure gold!