Why are there no new female characters in Ultimate MVC 3?

I'm sure I'm not the only one who's thought about this, but why was there no inclusion of new female characters for ultimate marvel vs capcom 3? It makes no sense to me because there is a wide range of female characters from both sides that could've been included. I, personally, love to choose the female characters because there's something about their ability, style, and over-all character that male characters don't provide for me. Usually they're much quicker and have great technique. I was so disappointed to learn that there aren't any new female characters in the ultimate version. Instead they decide to include certain obscure character(s) that I've never even heard of such as : Rocket Raccoon, and Firebird? I mean I remember Ghost' n' Goblins from when I was a kid but I don't remember that specific villain. And who the hell is Rocket Raccoon?! Why was he included, was that some form of a joke?! I'm going to make a list or just put images of the female characters that I would've loved to see in the Ultimate Version and I would love it if you guys put which female characters you wanted to see and how you feel about the characters they chose. Personally, I liked most of them but I wanted to see more female characters. Why did they choose Frank West, wasn't he in Tatsunoko vs Capcom? They needed to pick characters that have never been in a fighting game before! So here's my list:

Marvel women: Ms. Marvel, Mockingbird, Elektra, Mystique, Songbird, Enchantress, Black Widow, Spider-Woman

Capcom women: Lilith(dark stalkers), Rouge from power stone, Rose (from street fighter), ingrid (capcom fighting evolution), juri han (super street fighter 4), sheva (resident evil 4), claire redfield (res. 2, code veronica), other female resident evil characters, sylvia (viewtiful joe). YOU SEE HOW MANY THEY COULD'VE CHOSE! theres a whole lot more but these are the women i would've loved to see in this game! so everyone write who you wanted to see and what you think