Sailor Moon Abridge's SAILOR MOON THE MOVIE!

Hey everyone so I've been wanting to write a blog about this for a while now and I'm finally going to! Right here! (well duh where else would it be?!) Anywho many of you may know the sailor moon abridged youtube series called SMA. SMA is a non profit fan based parody of the classic anime we all know and love! (ok so maybe not all of us love it but I'm obsessed so back off!) Anyway they've been making those videos for a couple of years now and have gained quite a following. So they've decided to take sailor moon to the next level and make a live action sailor moon movie! GASP! You may ask "yeah well the Japanese already did that..." yeah they did and it was effing crazy and just looked weird! So SMA's goal is to make their movie much more modern, edgy, but while staying true to the content of Sailor Moon! I for one am very excited about this movie, because they're spending a lot of time and effort on this production! So I want to talk about that here (even though this blog should probs be on animevice, I'm too lazy to make an account on that site) but I'm going to leave a couple of videos here for you guys to see! I hope they gain a lot of support! If your not a sailor moon fan get off this blog please! NOH8!