obligatory halloween blog!

Hey everyone! So I haven't done like anything in the past month or so on this site because I don't get comics anymore. (Not by choice!) So I've only been on to talk to select people bc they're awesome and I love talking to them. I also try to write blogs on certain topics so I thought Halloween is a perfect topic to talk about! Of course there's going to be like a million blogs about it and some rude people will probably write some statements like "done before" or they'll post a link to another person's blog. Well I'll say this, does everybody write the same exact thing and evince the same opinion. Not unless your communist. But anywho, so I want to talk about what I love about Halloween ever since I was little and what I love about it now! Also my favorite horror movie to watch around now and just other random stuff! So I hope you guys write what you love about it and what not! Ok so ever since I was little Halloween has been one of my favorite holidays. Trick or treating was like the best part bc you get all this candy and you get to show off your costume and just have fun. Well if I were to go trick or treating now I'd be looked at as crazy or just like a trouble maker. If I were to go trick or treating now my only thought would be "I just did all this walking and exercise and now I'm going to ruin it by gorging myself on these loads of fun sized milky ways and kitkats". I haven't gone trick or treating in a long time and I probably won't until I have kids of my own or whatever. Ever since I was little I've been watching horror movies, which may explain why I am the way I am but that's not the point. I would skip studying and homework to watch my favorite movies on AMC's fear fest, or what used to be called monster fest. I would watch all the Friday the 13ths, the Scream trilogy, all the Halloween movies, etc. I've been a horror movie junkie even though those movies do not scare me anymore. I just love the nostalgia and classic format of the horror movie genre from the 70's all the way to the mid 00's. Horror movies of today totally effing suck bc there is no substance within them. All they consist of are meaningless pop up scares which will probably make someone choke on something while they're watching it. I think that's why movies today are trying to like remake absolutely everything from the past because they either have no ideas or people want the old stuff. I think it's more so the first one. But anyway, my favorite horror movie of all time I think has to be the original Halloween! Not that Rob Zombie fucking re-make that just like stabbed a gory knife through the whole series, the ORIGINAL! I know its not the best horror movie like ever but still i love the classicness of it! The musical score, the actors, the everything! In case you haven't seen it I'll put a link in this blog below bc they do have it on youtube. but my 2nd fav is Scream. i may do a separate blog for horror movies all together but who knows. So you guys tell me what you think about Halloween all together. IT'S ACTUALLY SNOWING WHERE I LIVE RIGHT NOW SO THIS IS SO CRAZY! It's going to be a white Halloween which I have never seen before! So I'll end this blog with some words of advice 1) if your drinking make sure your with your best friends that you know you can depend on, 2) don't get too sloppy drunk, 3) try not to bite down on a razor when your just trying to eat a twix bar, 4) if a girl wants to be slutty on halloween just let her (see jenna marbles video), 5) watch loads of horror movies, 6) keep your kids safe, 7) have an awesome costume, 8) just have a fan-fucking tastic halloween!

viewer discretion is totally advised!