What's your favorite band and genre????

Hey guys I decided to make a blog about our favorite musics and this has been done before but I did this out of boredom and so if anyone has any choices similar to me then I will be sure to message you!!!!!! I love alternative rock/ grunge/ and a lot of 1990's bands but my all time favorite band is Green Day!!!!!! So please feel free to write your favs!


Spider-Girl versus Chun-li

Location: China (busy down-town district)
Equipment: wooden barrels for both characters (perfect for webbing)
Characters: Chun-li and Spider-Girl
Rules: Chun-li cannot use her big blast attacks because the arena is crowded with pedestrians. She can use her small or medium ones though.
Let the battle begin! First one to 100 votes wins!

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Morrigan Aensland versus Illyana Rasputin!

Location: Limbo
Equipment: Morrigan has none. Illyana has the soulsword.
Characters: Morrigan and Illyana.
Assist: Morrigan can call upon Demitri and Lilith once per person. Illyana can call upon Colosuss only once.
Let the battle begin!

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Chris Redfield versus Manhunter!!!!!

    VERSUS     Location: Runaway train.
                                                                                                                  Equipment: Manhunter has her staff and her suit is fully upgraded. 
                                                                                                                                        Chris has a cattle prod, a knife, pistol, a shot gun, 1 oozie,                                                                                                                              3 grenades.
                                                                                                                  Characters: Manhunter and Chris
                                                                                                                  Rules: Anything goes. Whoever reaches 50 votes first wins!


First I would like to say that the Poison Ivy versus Enchantress battle was not a hate one. I love both those characters but in some weird way I thought they could fight each other and either one would have a chance to win. I thought it would be cool to see magic versus nature. Now on to this battle. I figured these characters were a good match because they are both from other earths in their worlds. This is an interesting match because Spider Girl does have super strength and powers that PG doesn't have but Power Girl is a kryptonian. I think Power Girl would win but it would be a close call. Let's see what you all think! 


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